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  • Panasonic PT-VW540A (5,500 ansi + WXGA) RRP$2299

    Panasonic PT-VW540A (5,500 ansi + WXGA) RRP$2299

    Featuring WXGA resolution, ideal for lectures and presentations requiring highly detailed images.
    A brightness level or 5,500 lm, and contrast ratio of 10,000:1 in a compact body.
    The Vertical Lens Shift moves the image position vertically without distorting.
    Corner Keystone Correction enables angled projection and Curved Screen ...

    AUD $1850.00 (was $2399)

  • Captivated


    Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by screens. Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison? Most would agree that we are a media-saturated society, but what effect is all this media having on us individually and culturally? People of all ages are reporting that their unchecked media ...

    AUD $11.95 (was $14.95)

  • Waging Peace

    Waging Peace

    Muslim and Christian Alternatives - A brief look at the history of peacemaking in both Christian and Muslim tradition, plus stories of how these faith groups work for peace.
    Stories include: *
    A peace camp for Christian, Jewish and Muslim children building bridges of understanding about each others' faiths * A project where ...

    AUD $13.56 (was $16.95)

  • Messiah - George Frideric Handel's

    Messiah - George Frideric Handel's

    Just days before the event, Curtain Call Productions was alerted by its friends in Israel that the Upper Galilee Choir and Ranaana Symphonette Orchestra would be performing Handel's Messiah at Tabgha, the traditional site of Jesus Christ's miracle of feeding the five thousand along the Sea of Galilee ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • Easter Promise / The Witness

    Easter Promise / The Witness

    Two programs on one DVD!
    Easter Promise -- Jerem dreams of being a soldier for a king. He is thrilled to hear about the upcoming arrival of the true King Jesus. Jerem, however, is fooled by appearances and soon rejects Jesus along with most of Jerusalem. In a wonderful lesson about ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $12)

  • Wesley - A Heart Transformed

    Wesley - A Heart Transformed

    Step into eighteenth-century England and experience the transformation of one man whose heart-wrenching search for peace haunts him even as he pours himself into a life of service and evangelism. Now, for the first time, Wesley's fascinating spiritual struggle is presented in this award-winning feature film based on John ...

    AUD $14.95 (Was $29.95)

  • Challenge of Islam

    Challenge of Islam

    This two-part Bible study explores the beliefs of Islam and illuminates Muslim religious practice. Guiding the discussion is Sam Shamoun, an Arab-Christian born in Kuwait but raised in the United States. Well-grounded in the doctrines of Islam, he believes in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

    In the first ...

    AUD $19.95 (was $24.95)

  • Gospels - Open the Bible

    Gospels - Open the Bible

    Host Christopher Gornold-Smith, historian and Bible teacher, takes you into the heart of each of the Gospels. Combining remarkable shots of the Holy Land with dramatized scenes and clear analysis of each gospel account, Christopher invites us into the world of Jesus. You will be entertained, inspired and informed by ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 16.95)

  • Holy City and a Garden

    Holy City and a Garden

    An upbeat, informative journey through Jerusalem with host David Nunn.  Visit some of the Holy City’s most intriguing attractions – the Western (Wailing) Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Garden Tomb— and discover the history behind their triumphant yet turbulent past. It’s the next best thing to being ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $12.95)

  • Three Easter Classics

    Three Easter Classics

    Three Easter classics on one DVD:
    Easter Is -- Benji must make a poster portraying the meaning of Easter. Frustrated for lack of good ideas, he pushes Waldo, his dog and pal, away. When Waldo later becomes lost, Benji's dad tells how the disciples thought they would never see Jesus ...

    AUD $10.00 (was 12.95)

  • First Easter

    First Easter

    The First Easter is an excellent program to teach children ages 4-10 the meaning and significance of the crucifixion and resurrection. Meet Nate, a young street orphan and his faithful companion - a loving, bravehearted little dog named Bark. Together they wander the streets of Jerusalem seeking food and shelter until ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $12.95)

  • Ashes to Glory - Easter Devotional

    Ashes to Glory - Easter Devotional

    This Lenten season, experience the depths of love, the power of forgiveness, and the joy of everlasting life found in the Easter story. Ashes to Glory: An Easter Devotional on DVD takes viewers on a devotional journey from the remembrance of Ash Wednesday to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Each ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • People Who Met Jesus Series Two

    People Who Met Jesus Series Two

    These are the stories of eight people who met Jesus. Three of them became His disciples, and five of them rejected Him, but all of them were impacted by His life and message. They are very different personalities and each one has something to teach us. Understand the events leading ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • Christianity and Islam

    Christianity and Islam

    Based on the best-selling book, Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad? by Dr. Timothy George. Words unfamiliar to most Americans are now heard daily on the evening news: jihad, Islam, Allah, Quran, fatwa, imam, ummah, Ramadan. Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, with ...

    AUD $15.95 (was $19.95)

  • Resurrected Life

    Resurrected Life

    Understand the Meaning of Easter. Filled with artistic images of the Holy Land, soul-stirring music and the wisdom of prominent spiritual teachers from various Christian traditions, The Resurrected Life is a feast for the mind, heart and eyes. This program is designed for viewers of all walks of life who ...

    AUD $10.00 (was 12.95)

  • Untold Stories of Columbine

    Untold Stories of Columbine

    Here is an amazing story of hope from the horrific massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, where many innocent lives were lost. One of those was Rachel Joy Scott, mercilessly murdered for her faith in God. Now her death, her story and the courage behind it are ...

    AUD $10.00 ($̶1̶4̶.̶9̶5̶)

  • Victory At Jerusalem

    Victory At Jerusalem

    Jesus Christ — arrested, betrayed, abandoned, spit upon, beaten, cursed, scourged and finally crucified. But that was only the beginning of the story. Three days later Jesus rose from the grave, just as he said he would. Discover the wonder, majesty and worship embodied in his sacrificial death and resurrection ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • Revolutionary: Epic Version

    Revolutionary: Epic Version

    The glorious story of the life and ministry of Jesus is powerfully portrayed in this edition of "The Relvolutionary: Epic Version," which combines "The Revolutionary parts 1 & 2," with new additional footage. From his birth to his death and ascension, you will retrace Jesus' footsteps and see his miracles ...

    AUD $10.00 (was 14.95)

  • Passion In Jerusalem - The Easter Story

    Passion In Jerusalem - The Easter Story

    Take a visit to the very places where the climactic events in Jesus' life took place! The Easter story and the great events which led to the crucifixion and the resurrection are dramatically presented with passion and joy. This production is filmed on all the traditional locations associated with the ...

    AUD $8.00 (was 12.95)

  • Last Supper

    Last Supper

    Filmed and dramatized entirely on authentic locations of the Holy Land and in the Middle east, this is the most elaborate and extensive film availible on the last supper. Jesus met with his twelve disciples in the "upper room" in Jerusalem, where they shared that historic meal. It was the ...

    AUD $8.00 (was $10)

  • China Cry: The True Story of Nora Lam

    China Cry: The True Story of Nora Lam

    Her Story is wrapped up within one of the most incredible marvels in all world history: how the Christian church survived under repressive atheistic communism in China. But it did more than survive. It thrived and multiplied. We can better understand these heroic Chinese Christians through Nora's story. Adopted ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $24.95)

  • God's Outlaw William Tyndale

    God's Outlaw William Tyndale

    A true story, God's Outlaw is about international politics, church intrigue, cold-blooded betrayal, and false justice ending in a criminal's death. But it's also about victorious faith and spiritual triumph over some of the greatest political and religious forces known in the 16th century. A simple God-seeking ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $14.95)

  • One Who Was There

    One Who Was There

    Mary Magdalene's past experience helps her face an uncertain future. Noted actress Maureen O'Sullivan portrays Mary Magdalene travelling from Jerusalem to Galilee in AD 64. This lonely survivor is one of the few left who saw Jesus arrested and crucified. The passage of time has left her haunted ...

    AUD $8.00 (was 12.95)

  • GFA Cathedral Films Collection

    GFA Cathedral Films Collection

    James Friedrich, founder of Cathedral Films, was inspired to make films that would minister to the church. In 1936 Friedrich moved to Hollywood and met the talent that would become his collaborative team for many years, including veteran Hollywood director Irving Pichel (Most Dangerous Game).

    AUD $12.00 (was $14.95)

  • Panasonic PT-EW730ZE (7,000 ansi + WXGA) RRP$4799

    Panasonic PT-EW730ZE (7,000 ansi + WXGA) RRP$4799

    High brightness, low operating cost and flexible installation for versatile use
    7,000 lumens of brightness in a compact body
    WXGA (1280 x 800)
    High contrast ratio of 5000:1

    AUD $3995.00 (was $5995)