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  • Wesley, John

    Wesley, John

    A re-release of the J. Arthur Rank historical classic made in 1954. This cinema drama follows the life of Wesley from when he was saved out of a burning house as a child and thereby marked for life as a "brand from the burning." His Oxford days, a disastrous mission ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    From the Vision Video Classic Collection. This 1952 musical adaption of the classic fairy tale stars Lou Castello as Jack and Bud Abbott as Mr. Dinklepuss, the greedy butcher who trades five magic beans for Jack's cow. Though especially suited for children, Abbott and Costello fans of all ages ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

    This exceptional theatrical version of Lewis Carroll's classic features a combination of live characters and puppets, created by master puppeteer Louis Bunin. The cast includes Carol Marsh as Alice along with Stephen Murray, Felix Aylmer, Ernest Milton, and Pamela Brown (in live sequences and as vouces of the puppets ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Adventures of Gallant Bess

    Adventures of Gallant Bess

    Ted Daniels (Cameron Mitchell), a ranch hand working for a rodeo, captures and trains a magnificent wild horse that he names Gallant Bess. During a rodeo, Ted is injured and becomes incapacitated. While he is recovering, Gallant Bess is stolen from him by the rodeo owner. Ted must decide whether ...

    AUD $9.95

  • GFA Loyola Films Collection

    GFA Loyola Films Collection

    In 1946 Loyola University commissioned veteran B-movie filmmaker, John T. Coyle to assemble a pool of accomplished Hollywood actors and technicians to produce a series of 16 short films based on Biblical scripture. These inspired films have long been considered lost. Gospel Films Archive has uncovered eight Loyola Films thus far.

    AUD $14.95

  • Nicholas Nickleby

    Nicholas Nickleby

    After the death of his father, Nicholas Nickleby and his mother and sister are cared for by his greedy uncle Ralph, who accepts the duty rather unwillingly. Ralph arranges for Nicholas to get a job at a notoriously brutal school for boys, where he befriends one of the ill-treated students ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Great Mr. Handel

    Great Mr. Handel

    His gifts were extraordinary. His life an adventure. His legacy priceless. A lavish period drama produced in 1942 by Lord Rank's G.H.W. Productions Ltd. This was the first color film shot with "character lighting" instead of the flat overall lighting hitherto demanded by Technicolor. This story deals ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Gulliver's Travels

    Gulliver's Travels

    Based on Jonathan Swift's 18th century immortal tale. This animated feature includes wonderful songs and endearing characters. It took nearly 700 artists to complete this 1939 feature film which was directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios. Gulliver, an ordinary sailor, washes ashore on ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone is one of the most heroic figures in early American history. Staying faithful to the character and the times, this 1936 production from Radio Pictures stars George O’Brien in the title role. He leads thirty settlers and their families from North Carolina to Kentucky where they face menacing ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Scrooge


    This 1935 British film version of Charles Dickens’ holiday classic stars Sir Seymour Hicks as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge, who scoffs at the yuletide spirit around him. But on Christmas Eve, he embarks on a journey led by three spirits who convince him to mend his ways and embrace the ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated

    Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated

    When Nazi forces invaded Holland in 1940 and began rounding up Jews, Corrie ten Boom, her sister Betsie, and their elderly father risked their lives to save as many as possible. A hidden room was secretly built in their home where the oppressed Jews took refuge until a Gestapo raid ...

    AUD $16.95

  • Billy Graham - Truth (Melbourne 1959)

    Billy Graham - Truth (Melbourne 1959)

    Are you searching for real truth? In this classic sermon from Melbourne, Australia 1959, Billy Graham explains how to find the Truth that mankind is desperately seeking. Our separation from God, Graham explains, makes it impossible for us to find truth on our own, but if we turn from our ...

    AUD $14.95

  • GFA Christmas Collection

    GFA Christmas Collection

    Silent Night: Story of the Christmas Carol
    (1953) 13 min., color. Beautifully told true story of how Franz Gruber created the iconic 1818 Christmas carol.

    Christmas is Mag
    (1953) 24 min. Robert Hutton plays a war vet with amnesia who is taken in by widow Frances Rafferty and her ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Panasonic PT-EX800ZE (7,500 ansi + XGA) RRP$7,259

    Panasonic PT-EX800ZE (7,500 ansi + XGA) RRP$7,259

    High brightness, low operating cost and flexible installation for versatile use
    7,500 lumens of brightness in a compact body
    XGA (1.024 x 768) resolution
    High contrast ratio of 5,000:1

    AUD $5750.00

  • Handout Apologetics - Gerstner

    Handout Apologetics - Gerstner

      Christian apologetics is that which deals with answering any and all critics who oppose or question the revelation of God in Christ and the Bible. This study explores a whole host of doctrines important to the church and defends them all against common objections and misconceptions. Working through this ...

    AUD $49.95

  • Christian History-99 Faith & American Presidency

    Christian History-99 Faith & American Presidency

    AUD $6.60

  • Bedbug Bible Gang-Kids,Friends & Songs!

    Bedbug Bible Gang-Kids,Friends & Songs!

    3 Episodes Kindly Kids!- Laighing Boy (Isaac)-Samuels's Message-Jairus'Daughter. Friendly Frieids!-Fiery Furnace-Jesus & the Children-Fishers of Men Super Psalms!-Psalm 23-Psalm 100-Psalm 136. 70min. Ages 3-8. (2008)

    AUD $12.95

  • BedBug Bible Gang Following God

    BedBug Bible Gang Following God

    This delightful programme combines 3-D computer animation with illustrations and live-action puppets to make learning Bible stories fun for children. Lots of Lights-Three Wise Men, Light Of The World, Transfiguration God Is Calling-Noah's Call, Anointing of David, Twelve Disciples Heading to Heaven!- Elijah and the Chariot, Rich Man and ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Christian History-98 Church in China

    Christian History-98 Church in China

    Christian History Magazine Issue 98. How the Church in China survived and thrived in the 20th Century. House Church movement. Birth of offical Chinese church. 44 pages

    AUD $6.60

  • Pickle Pickin

    Pickle Pickin

    Dave Bogue founded Finish Line Ministries in 1992 and has traveled the country and the world preaching the message of "revival" in churches, at conferences, crusades, camps, and retreats. Dave is a powerful communicator with the ability to challenge and encourage Christians everywhere to walk in obedience to God's ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Cannabis-What Every Teen Should Know

    Cannabis-What Every Teen Should Know

    Excellent Australian production by Danny Graham explores not only the social, physical, and psychological impacts of cannabis on teens, but also what the Bible has to say about this subject. The relevant information is discussed by not only health care professionals, but also teenagers themselves. Is broken up with excellent ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Christian History-95 J.S. Bach

    Christian History-95 J.S. Bach

    Christian History-95 The Gospel according to J.S. Bach. Transforming worship in the Baroque period and today. Bach in Japan. Martin Luther's musical legacy.44page magazine.

    AUD $6.60

  • Christian History-94 Building City God

    Christian History-94 Building City God

    Christian History-94 Building the City of God in a Crumbling World. How christians from the past can help us survive today's challenges.44page magazine.

    AUD $6.60

  • Bonhoeffer - Hiding Place Twin DVD Pack

    Bonhoeffer - Hiding Place Twin DVD Pack

    Agent of Grace: What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. The Nazis hanged him on April 9, 1945, less than ...

    AUD $24.95

  • Climb / Last Flight Out  -Value Twin Pack

    Climb / Last Flight Out -Value Twin Pack

    The Climb:This compelling family movie points viewers to Jesus Christ through two hotshot climbers who must overcome clashes of style, pride and character to scale dangerous Mt. Chickanagua. With exciting action and an intense story about friendship, forgiveness and integrity. 90 minutes DVD Last Flight Out:Dan, a repo ...

    AUD $24.95

  • Panasonic PT-VX610A (5,500 ansi + XGA) RRP$2599

    Panasonic PT-VX610A (5,500 ansi + XGA) RRP$2599

    Featuring XGA resolution, ideal for lectures and presentations requiring highly detailed images.
    A brightness level of 5,500 lm, and contrast ratio of 10,000:1 in a compact body.
    The Vertical Lens Shift moves the image position vertically without distorting.
    Corner Keystone Correction enables angled projection and Curved Screen ...

    AUD $2099.00

  • Christian History-92 A New Evangelical Awakening

    Christian History-92 A New Evangelical Awakening

    Christian History Magazine-92 A New Evangelical Awakening The Riptide of Revival-Billy Graham stirred the sleeping conscience of mid-century America. Youth For Christ won the hearts of post-World War 2 teenagers.

    AUD $6.60

  • Christian History-93 St.Benedict

    Christian History-93 St.Benedict

    Christian History Magazine-93 St.Benedict 50 pages. A Devoted Life St. Benedict's model of prayerful community shaped Western monasticism-and changed the course of European history.

    AUD $6.60

  • Last Days According To Jesus R C Sproul

    Last Days According To Jesus R C Sproul

    Series offers compelling teaching on eschatology (the doctrine of last things). RC. steers clear of the imaginative, sensationalized, and sometimes extravagant predictions being made today by asking one simple question: What did Jesus say about the end times? Using sound methods of biblical interpretation, Dr. Sproul carefully examines Bible passages ...

    AUD $49.95

  • Modular Wall Plates with Adaptors  From $10

    Modular Wall Plates with Adaptors From $10

    3up Plate $3.00 4up Plate $3.50 6up Plate $4.00 Snap in Plugs: RCA, RF, From $2.20 each (Plug and Solder type) $3.30 each (Plug both sides)

    AUD $10.00

  • Adjustable Ceiling Mount Kit

    Adjustable Ceiling Mount Kit

    Fits most small to medium size Projectors up to 5.5kg. Can mount to flat ceiling or beam with 10cm drop and tilt adjustment.

    AUD $149.00

  • Adjustable Ceiling Mount Kit, with pole

    Adjustable Ceiling Mount Kit, with pole

    Fits most small to medium size Projectors up to 5.5kg. Can mount to flat ceiling or beam with 10cm hang and tilt adjustment. Plus comes with adjustable pole to extend from 40-65cm drop. 2 Pole Kit(72-120cm drop) $183 3 Pole Kit(105-170cm drop) $200

    AUD $169.00

  • Bridge, The

    Bridge, The

    The Bridge -- A dramatic parable on God's sacrifice of His son. A father is working on the controls of a railroad track to allow an approaching passenger train to cross safely over the bridge. He sees his young son coming toward him on the tracks. It is at this ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Karla Faye Tucker The Power of Forgiveness

    Karla Faye Tucker The Power of Forgiveness

    On February 3, 1998, Karla Faye Tucker was put to death by the state of Texas, the first woman to be executed in America in fifteen years. She was a confessed pick-axe murderer. But in prison her life dramatically changed through a religious conversion experience. This former drug-crazed prostitute and ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Faith & Science: What is the Evidence for/against

    Faith & Science: What is the Evidence for/against

    Presenting the evidence for the existence of God is William Lane Craig, Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. Dr. Craig earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Birmingham, England, and a D.Theol. in theology from the University of Munich, Germany. He is author ...

    AUD $19.95

  • C.S. Lewis-Through the Shadowlands,

    C.S. Lewis-Through the Shadowlands,

    Starring Joss Ackland and Claire Bloom. This film is about the agonising spiritual crisis of C.S. Lewis when his wife died from cancer. The love, grief and pain were so shattering that his basic Christian beliefs were called into serious doubt. But he picked up the pieces and moved ...

    AUD $17.95

  • 98" Motorised Screen

    98" Motorised Screen

    2000 x 1500
    4:3 Format
    Matte White

    AUD $550.00

  • Christian History-91 Michelangelo

    Christian History-91 Michelangelo

    Christian History Magazine - 91 Michelangelo, Art for Faith's Sake.50 pages

    AUD $6.60

  • Gender Changer 15 pin RGB

    Gender Changer 15 pin RGB

    Data cable joiner

    AUD $5.50

  • Adaptors DVI - 15pin RGB

    Adaptors DVI - 15pin RGB

    Various plugs and adaptors. DVI to 15pin RGB (pictured) Call for other types and prices.

    AUD $15.00