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  • John Hus: A Journey Of No Return

    John Hus: A Journey Of No Return

    14th century Czech priest and scholar John Hus is considered one of the first Protestant reformers. His interpretation of scripture and his bold stand against church corruption would strongly influence Martin Luther a century later. Hus spent his last days as a prisoner in Constance on charges of heresy. During ...

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  • Calvin, Zwingli and Brother Klaus

    Calvin, Zwingli and Brother Klaus

    John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and Brother Klaus (Niklaus von Flüe) were three very different men who shaped the Christian faith in Switzerland. John Calvin was as an intellectual giant of the Reformation, Ulrich Zwingli was a humble priest who brought reform to the church and died in battle, and Brother ...

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  • Future of the Church

    Future of the Church

    Future of the Church chronicles a three-year journey of 80 interviews with pastors and church influencers from across America. In their journey to find the formula for a fragmented and dying church, the two filmmakers find themselves getting closer to a much bigger answer.

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  • Gospel Blimp

    Gospel Blimp

     This is the famous 1967 classic comedy that chronicles the wild idea by a group of Christian neighbors to evangelize the whole town by buying a full-blown blimp air ship to spread the Gospel from on high. Everything goes haywire in a rollicking series of misadventures. Among their ill-conceived techniques ...

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  • Wings Of An Eagle - Steve Bell

    Wings Of An Eagle - Steve Bell

    Singer-song writer Steve Bell has been on the road for over twenty-five years pouring his heart and soul into his music. After thousands of concerts around the world and seventeen albums, he’s still touring from church to church playing wherever he can. Despite a faithful fan-base, including many powerful supporters ...

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  • A World Without Orphans

    A World Without Orphans

    In many places around the world orphanages are still the primary means used to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Churches and charities in the United States often support orphanages in developing countries. Now there is a growing movement to replace institutionalization with foster care and permanent placement in families ...

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  • God With Us

    God With Us

    The Coming of the Savior
    He was born in humble obscurity, yet His family had to flee to save Him frim a jealous ruler. He forgave sins, healed the sick and gave hope to the downhearted and oppressed, yet He was despised and rejected by many. He spoke the truth ...

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  • Newton's Grace

    Newton's Grace

    John Newton was a troubled young man with a violent temper and a penchant for vulgarity that literally made his fellow sailors blush. Whipped for desertion and sold into slavery, it seemed his life would end early in a West African grave…until he was rescued by a ship captain sent ...

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  • Informed: Life is Worth Living

    Informed: Life is Worth Living

    Being informed could save your life.
    This documentary examines euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide and highlights the testimonies of those who have been most intimately impacted. In order to make informed decisions about critical medical issues, citizens need the unvarnished truth about these vitally important topics. This program features an impressive ...

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  • The Messengers

    The Messengers

    From The Voice of the Martyrs comes the sequel to God with Us: The Messengers—The Birth of the Early Church.

    Having risen from the dead, Jesus Christ has appeared to His disciples and instructed them saying, “Remain in Jerusalem until you are filled with power from Heaven!” Waiting in ...

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  • Vindication


    The truth will find you out...
    Caught in the crosshairs of a criminal investigation, Derek Taylor recalls the details of his failing marriage to a team of suspicious detectives. As the intricacies of his alibi are presented, it becomes obvious that Derek’s story is too convenient for his circumstances. Did ...

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  • Many Beautiful Things

    Many Beautiful Things

    The Life and Vision of Lilias Trotter
    Many Beautiful Things tells the story of Lilias Trotter, a 19th century British painter who sacrificed artistic fame in order to serve God as a missionary in Algeria. Trotter's extraordinary gift was noticed by famous art critic, John Ruskin who believed Trotter ...

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  • Magna Carta Unlocked

    Magna Carta Unlocked

    The Magna Carta is widely regarded as a foundational text of the British legal system and of the U.S. Constitution. As an essential guarantor of basic freedoms Magna Carta has inspired imitators across ages and across continents. To what extent is it right to see the Great Charter as ...

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  • By War & By God

    By War & By God

    By War & By God tells the traumatic, yet redeeming story of a small group of soldiers whose lives were forever shaped by war, but whose faith has led them back to Vietnam to love, serve, and care for the people of that beautiful land. Through first-person interviews, archival war ...

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  • 500 Years of the Reformation

    500 Years of the Reformation

    Companion DVD to This Changed Everything. Three hours of intnerviews with over twenty experts featured, including Dr. Frank James, Dr. John Armstrong, Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Jacqueline Rose, Bishop Robert Barron, Mark Galli, Shane Claiborne, and many others.

    Anabaptists | A New Reformation | Baptism | Church and State | Catholic Doctrine | Ecumenism ...

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  • This Changed Everything

    This Changed Everything

    Narrated by David Suchet
    2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. On October 31, 1517, an obscure German monk named Martin Luther published 95 theses for debate in Wittenberg, Germany. Little did he know that this act would ignite a revolution that would reshape the ...

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  • Boundless Salvation

    Boundless Salvation

    This four-part documentary explores the history of The Salvation Army. Host John Cleary traces the path of this powerful movement from its origins to the present day. Learn how The Salvation Army became a force for both gospel evangelism and social change. Meet the movement's founders, William and Catherine ...

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  • Unexpected Journey

    Unexpected Journey

    Unexpected Journey introduces four cancer patients and allows them to tell their personal stories. With honesty and humor these individuals express their hopes and fears while relating how their faith played a key role in helping to look beyond their diagnosis and find a higher calling. This visually stimulating program ...

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  • Torchlighters: The Martin Luther Story

    Torchlighters: The Martin Luther Story

    In a world ruled by a corrupt and greedy church, all it took was one little nail, one well-written scroll, and one sharp-tongued monk to turn everything upside down! Martin Luther didn’t mean to spark the Reformation with his 95 Theses, but his realization that salvation comes through faith and ...

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  • World War I: Military Chaplains

    World War I: Military Chaplains

    Military chaplains, men of faith serving in World War I, found themselves facing the gruesome reality of modern warfare. Serving side by side with soldiers in the trenches, chaplains became essential to the spiritual and psychological needs of those under their care.

    This four-part series takes you inside the lives ...

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  • Heroes


    The residents of the Plateau du Vivarais, a remote region in the French countryside, stood up against the occupying Nazis and their French collaborators by giving sanctuary to those fleeing persecution during World War II. These French citizens refused to see oppressed individuals as anything other than human beings. Through ...

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  • Knox


    Renegade. Reformer. Revolutionary. Five centuries after his birth, the influence of John Knox can still be felt across his native Scotland and throughout the world. Presented by Scottish actor Phillip Todd, “Knox” takes another look at the life and legacy of one of the church’s great reformers. Follow in the ...

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  • Quakers


    Led by what they refer to as their “inner light,” members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) played pivotal roles in some of the most transformative events of the last four centuries. Whether it be forging relations with Native Americans, the abolition of slavery, reconstruction, World War II, or ...

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  • Passion for Justice

    Passion for Justice

    Passion for Justice tells the compelling story of Dr. John Perkins, an integral leader in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and an evangelical voice for community development and racial reconciliation.

    As a pastor in 1960's Mississippi, John Perkins first focused exclusively on evangelism and Bible literacy, but ...

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  • Cody High

    Cody High

    Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project focuses on the efforts of Detroit’s impoverished Cody Rouge community to remove blight and create a safe environment for students at the local schools, including the hundreds of students who attend Cody High School.

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  • Blessedness out of Brokenness

    Blessedness out of Brokenness

    Follow along as Ken Curtis, founder of Gateway Films/Vision Video, visits Angola. As he was reflecting on the beatitudes in light of his journey with cancer, Ken wanted to learn from people who knew well the brokenness Jesus describes as blessed. This one-hour documentary presents the stories of inmates ...

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  • The Stranger

    The Stranger

    Who are the newest immigrants to the United States - the strangers among us? And how are they treated? How should we deal with those who enter our country illegally? Are our current immigration laws just and moral?

    The Stranger, a documentary commissioned by the Evangelical Immigration Table, introduces three recent ...

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  • GFA Children's Collection

    GFA Children's Collection

    King of the Block 1956 - Family Films / 14m
    Steve has a new treehouse to share with friends, but only if they do what he says. Dad and son each discover how selfishness can impact friendships.
    The Way He Should Go 1954 - Concordia Films / 26m
    Young Freddie Fisher has been raised ...

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  • Panasonic PT-VW530A (5,000 ansi + WXGA) RRP$2399

    Panasonic PT-VW530A (5,000 ansi + WXGA) RRP$2399

    Featuring WXGA resolution, ideal for lectures and presentations requiring highly detailed images.
    A brightness level or 5,000 lm, and contrast ratio of 10,000:1 in a compact body.
    The Vertical Lens Shift moves the image position vertically without distorting.
    Corner Keystone Correction enables angled projection and Curved Screen ...

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  • Panasonic PT-LW373A (3,600 ansi + WXGA) RRP$1499

    Panasonic PT-LW373A (3,600 ansi + WXGA) RRP$1499

    The PT-LB362 Series projectors are bright, compact and easy to use ‒ ideal for education and corporate uses.
    They also have a wide range of functions powered by a long lasting lamp.

    AUD $1099.00

  • Classic Family Movies: Jackie Cooper

    Classic Family Movies: Jackie Cooper

    Three films from the early career of the child star who captured America's heart in MGM classics like The Champ and Treasure Island, and in Skippy for which he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in 1931. Many remember Jackie Cooper from TV's Hennessy and The People's Choice. Jackie plays a young law student in The ...

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  • Classic Family Movies: Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

    Classic Family Movies: Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, along with his wife Dale Evans, Queen of the West, and Roy's golden palomino Trigger, the Smartest Horse in the Movies, entertain with songs, laughs and action in two uncut versions of their finest films. In Bells of San Angelo (1947, color), Dale plays ...

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  • Classic Family Movies: Shirley Temple

    Classic Family Movies: Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple made her first film in 1932 at the age of 3 and went on to become America's number-one box-office star from 1934 to 1938. Shirley’s appeal and acting skills peak in her first color feature; The Little Princess (1939), as a waif in Victorian England ...

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  • The Shortest Way Home

    The Shortest Way Home

    Doubt and disbelief live in the hearts of many people as they wrestle with the questions of good and evil and the existence of God. Those who embrace Christianity as a way of life must then learn how to live out their faith as a transformed individual in an imperfect ...

    AUD $16.95

  • Torchlighters: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story

    Torchlighters: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story

    Young Robert Jermain Thomas is a promising Welsh minister with a gift for new languages. For Robert, there is no doubt God wants him to use his abilities to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the Far East. But when he suffers tragedy in China, Robert loses direction and hope ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

    Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

    Saint Nicholas: The Real Story takes you on a thrilling quest for truth. You will visit beautiful Mediterranean locations and explore stunning archeological excavations. You’ll hear from experts about new historical and scientific analysis and even hear intriguing stories about stolen bones. Through it all you’ll discover the true story ...

    AUD $14.95

  • My Son, My Savior

    My Son, My Savior

    From the makers of the award winning biblical dramas Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me comes My Son, My Savior, a powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother, Mary. My Son, My Savior imagines Mary’s childhood, growing up in a strict ...

    AUD $14.95

  • In The Wildflowers

    In The Wildflowers

    This one hour version of the seven hour In the Wildflowers training series, enables the viewer to enter into the powerful stories of women who have survived sexual abuse. The women relate their stories and share the ongoing healing and hope that comes as they discover the love of God ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Find Me

    Find Me

    Thousands of Chinese children now find themselves in the homes of families across America. With great love and personal sacrifice, people adopt these precious little ones, bringing them home to love them and raise them as their own. But few know the veiled back story. This moving, personal documentary tells ...

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  • Going on Vocation

    Going on Vocation

    Let's face it, ever since Adam's fall work has been no vacation. Do you spend most of your time at a job that seems to have no purpose or meaning? Do you work just so you can pay the bills? Do you feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled ...

    AUD $19.95