Presenter 4 Projection Software

Presenter 4 Projection Software

NEW! Projection Software Presenter 4 is a Windows based program for controlling various types of media on three separate outputs, typically one or more large screens using video projectors. It's the ideal choice for churches, schools, community groups or commercial businesses wanting a more practical alternative to juggling between MS PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash and other presentation applications at the same time. Presenter 4 provides an integrated media solution allowing items to be queued in a running sheet. Settings such as loop mode, volume, mark in/out points are preserved individually for each item. Just some of the many features include: Advanced monitor detection and output configuration Multi-monitor support* Four (4) separate outputs**: Control + 3 displays Integrated Powerpoint support Video clips with text overlay Live video capture feed with text overlay Audio file playback DVD playback Bible support. Included translations: King James Version & World English Bible + many more available separately for download (including Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish) Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Support New text style configuration, including semi-transparent regions (as seen under broadcast TV captions) Spell checker. Included dictionaries: US, UK, Australian, KJV + many more available for download Text Override facility Browser style file selection New facility for complete control of images Background image support at the song AND individual page level Output splitting of text and images. Eg. Display slides in two languages on separate monitors in a single action Slide transition effects (fade, wipe, roll, etc.) Foldback clock, countdown timer and media progress timer Loading and saving running sheets with user timestamp and description Hundreds of lyrics included Native CCLI SongSelect® file format support***. Notes: * Multi-monitor support is a function of Microsoft Windows. It is built in to most (if not all) laptops, but desktop computers may require additional hardware to output two or more video signals. See the online help for more information. ** A single output in Presenter can be configured to a subset of one monitor, or extend across several monitors. *** SongSelect® is a subscription service provided by CCLI. The lyrics of over 100,000 songs are available through this facility.

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Year: 2011

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