Breaking the Silence - 2DVD set

Breaking the Silence - 2DVD set

THE AMISH: From the outside they all look the same, and yet each Amish person has their own story. Discover their stories. Six episodes, approximately 42 minutes each.

EPISODE ONE: The Secret Strength of the Amish Church
A rare inside view of an Amish church service and the inner workings of the Amish culture. 

EPISODE TWO: Silencing the Grabers 
The story of Lester & Rebecca Graber, an Amish minister who began to read and study the Bible. 

EPISODE THREE: An Amish Romance
The story of three people who left the Amish—Joe from Ohio, Sam from Indiana, and Polly from Missouri. 

EPISODE FOUR: Birth of the Amish Church
Where did the Amish come from and how does their story fit into the Reformation Era? 

EPISODE FIVE: Amish In Our Midst
Frequently asked questions about the Amish including some little known facts about the Amish Church and culture. 

EPISODE SIX: Our Amish Heritage: Silent No More 
Many people who have come out of the Amish struggle with reconciling their past to their new lives on the outside. If their heritage rejects them, is it still their heritage?

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Code: 100001651

Year: 2018

Running time: 255 minutes

Price: $24.95 (AUD, including GST)

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