Gospel Blimp

Gospel Blimp

 This is the famous 1967 classic comedy that chronicles the wild idea by a group of Christian neighbors to evangelize the whole town by buying a full-blown blimp air ship to spread the Gospel from on high. Everything goes haywire in a rollicking series of misadventures. Among their ill-conceived techniques is dropping Bible tracts like bombs on unwary victims and blasting Christian music so loud it pains the ears of citizens and induces dogs to howl. The film adaptation of Christian author Joseph Bayly'sl popular satire is a sly indictment of non-personal evangelism.

Gospel Blimp -- Rear cover

Code: 100001625

Year: 2017

Running time: 37 minutes

Price: $10.00 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: DVD , Comedy , Feature Movies