Kurta Ron Williams: Last Walkabout

Kurta Ron Williams: Last Walkabout

Kurta Ron Williams (1940-2003) was a Christian elder of Noongar, Darlot, Welsh and English roots, who lived most of his early life in the south-west of Western Australia, but travelled around almost every part of Australia and many parts of the world. His motive in all his travel was to bring hope to all people: prisoners, prostitues, tourists, governors, in hospitals, in the gutter, in the outback, to the lonely and outcasts and everyone he met.

Despite the poverty of his childhood and very limited formal education, Ron developed an incredibly wide knowledge from his love of reading. He was the first Aboriginal to become principal of a Bible College.
Ron was one of the nation's greatest storytellers, and this amateur video brings to the world some of his stories from his last trip through Central Australia in April 2002 before his death in October 2003. Ron was honoured by over 800 people at a memorial service held in the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra, before a similar number gathered for his funeral in Kalgoorlie for 'just one more story'.

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