Torchlighters: The William Booth Story

Torchlighters: The William Booth Story

Introduce children to the action-packed story behind The Salvation Army. William Booth is determined to bring life-changing Gospel to London's most troubled neighborhood, the East End. But when the local pub owners realize some of their best customers are becoming Christian, they hire big, strong thugs to get rid of the preacher once and for all. Watch as William's ragtag band of followers marches into the East End with Bibles and Prayer as their weapons of choice. Inspiring story for children and parents alike!
Documentary, abridged from the program "Our People: The Story of William and Catherine Booth"
Comprehensive leader's guide with lesson plans, background information, and more (also available at
Reproducible student handouts, including discussion questions, puzzles, activities coloring, and more
Many additional resources available online at

Torchlighters: The William Booth Story -- Rear cover


Code: 100001528

Year: 2011

Running time: 30 minutes

Price: $10.00 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: Christian History , Children's