Anita Renfroe Purse-onality

Anita Renfroe Purse-onality

Purse-Onality is an outstanding comedy event that is cheeky, high-energy and ultimately life-affirming. Anita Renfroe riffs on family and church life, fake tans, caffeine, eBay addiction - even mammograms - in a hilarious, insightful look into everyday life. Anita is one of comedy's rising stars, with multiple DVDs, books -- even a line of greeting cards -- to her credit. She is also internationally known as one of the beloved speakers at sold-out Women of Faith events across North America. She is one hot shot of espresso -- a cure for that de-caff feeling! Tracks include: Girls Get Together (music) Old School Toys Bling and Botox Cruisin' with a Tan Memory, Eyesight & Nursing Home Proximity Venti Mocha (music) Biscotti and Alternative Health Methods Right to Rest (music) Not My Gift & My Redneck Metro Purse-onality Mammograms Salute to Underwire (music) eBay Jaguar Messy Broken People (music)

Anita Renfroe Purse-onality -- Rear cover

Code: 100001424

Year: 2005

Running time: 97 minutes

Price: $12.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: DVD , Comedy , Youth