Defy Conformity

Defy Conformity

Christian comedian Keith Deltano takes on popular culture. Keith uses edgy, interactive comedy to satirize the commercialization of sex, peer pressure, designer labels, SUV's, the macho myth, smoking, drinking and a whole host of conformist behavior. Keith uses comedy to go where others fear to tread! His intimate knowledge of youth culture and years of experience working with families allow him to have a positive impact on the most jaded teen or cynical adult. Keith's show is hilarious and engaging. It is comedy with a message!

-Are you tired of your teen doing what everybody else does? Keith's show will fix that.
-For 13 years and above - not for the faint of heart.
-Includes conversation starters (short clips) and questions!
-Stand-up comedy has never been more relevant!

60 minutes

DVD Features:
Conversation Starters and Questions (short clips)

Defy Conformity -- Rear cover

Code: 100001380

Year: 2010

Running time: 60 minutes

Price: $17.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: DVD , Comedy , Youth