Born Again: Classic Edition - 30th Anniversary

Born Again: Classic Edition - 30th Anniversary

1978 Classic remastered to DVD in 2009.Charles Colson's life will be radically changed during the course of Watergate as he discovers what it means to be Born Again. Colson was one of the most powerful men in Washington - until Watergate. As president Richard Nixon's Special Counsel, Colson had his own office in the White House, power and prestige. After Watergate he had a prision record... and a strong faith. In this major motion picture, Colson (played by Dean Jones) pleads guilty to Watergate-related charges and is sent to prison. The experience leaves him radically changed, and he decides to establish Prision Fellowship - a ministry that now reaches around the world. What could transform this former White House "Hatchet Man" into a prison worker and a respected author and speaker? This inspiring and compelling movie is for anyone who has ever longed for a fresh start. DVD Extras: •This release of the 1978 film includes an all-new update on Prision Fellowship, the Organization Colson founded in 1974

Born Again: Classic Edition - 30th Anniversary  -- Rear cover

Code: 100001299

Year: 2009

Running time: 110 minutes

Price: $10.00 (AUD, including GST) (was $14.95)

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