Life After Abortion

Life After Abortion

Every choice has a consequence... CROWN proudly presents LIFE AFTER ABORTION, the untold story ...from the other victims of abortion.  This revealing documentary brings hope and recovery to all those who have been burdened by such tragedy, as told by many whose lives have been forever altered. Life After Abortion goes beyond the rhetoric and takes a 360 degree look at unplanned pregnancies, as told by hundreds of women who have experienced them.  From desperation to devastation to deliverance, takes an honest, in-depth look at the undeniable impact abortion has had on real people. Millions of women (and men) have been overwhelmed by post abortion trauma, resulting in fear, anxiety, guilt, and pain.  Many suffer in silence for years, even decades, after they realize the full toll of their choice. Life After Abortion is an accurate representation of the secret torment of the abortion wounded heart. The women and men on this film voice the laments of the millions who have lost theirs, because they have been gagged and silenced by the sorrow, shame, and grief caused by their abortions.  This film brings the hidden things to light.  Through Jesus Christ there is healing and perpetual freedom for the abortion wounded heart! This film also shows the deceptive programs used to entice women to chose to perform acts that will have catastrophic consequences for the rest of their lives. This beautifully filmed documentary depicts a horrible reality: the public has had 30 years of exposure to what abortion does to unborn babies.  But too many people allow themselves to ignore that reality, believing abortion is a necessary evil that ultimately helps women.  This film documents that not only does it not help, but it actually hurts in a much more life-lasting way that an unwanted, unexpected pregnancy could ever cause. 

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Code: 100001149

Year: 2011

Running time: 106 minutes

Price: $19.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: Social Issues , Youth