Storytellers Cafe: The Seven Baths

Storytellers Cafe: The Seven Baths

"The Seven Baths" is an exciting show about the importance and power of following God's direction. Naaman, though a great warrior, found himself fighting for his life as he searched for a cure for his illness. He discovered that by listening to God amazing things happen, including miracles!This award-winning, High Definition, animated series is different from any other Gospel presentation for kids. Each story is tailored to tell more than the obvious story. Included are interesting details about what places really looked like and how people lived, as seen through the eyes of some fascinating characters.
Featured are "Pete," the WWII pilot and his trust plane, "Gus" and his sidekicks "Gallop," the laugh snort n'horse; "Tex," the lass-wielding yo-yo: "Tina," the tutu-wearing elephant; and "Chip," the computer expert martian, just to name a few!
This comical cast of characters is serious when it comes to ministry!

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Code: 100001015

Year: 2011

Running time: 25 minutes

Price: $9.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: Children's