People Who Met Jesus Series Two

People Who Met Jesus Series Two

These are the stories of eight people who met Jesus. Three of them became His disciples, and five of them rejected Him, but all of them were impacted by His life and message. They are very different personalities and each one has something to teach us. Understand the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Christ through the eyes of the people involved. The stories: Series Two Intro 1. Zacchaeus 2. The Man Born Blind 3. Annas the Priest 4. Caiaphas 5. Judas Iscariot 6. Herod Antipas 7. Pontius Pilate 8. Joseph of Arimathea A wonderful resource for Bible study, small groups and Sunday school, especially during Easter. Bonus features include a short promotional video for the series, and a director's commentary for each story with additional historical background and behind the scenes information.

People Who Met Jesus Series Two -- Rear cover


Code: 100000991

Year: 2004

Running time: 50 minutes

Price: $12.00 (AUD, including GST) (was 14.95)

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