Maria Prean

Maria Prean

The amazing story of missionary Maria Prean is told in this award-winning documentary by Janina Huettenrauch. Maria was 60 years old when she decided to start a new life. She moved from Austria to Uganda, a country with more than two million orphans. Seeing the great need, she began caring for these children and building schools and orphanages. Despite great challenges, her strong faith and conviction helped her to change the lives of thousands of young Ugandans.
To build a bridge between Africa and the Western World, she started a children's choir at one of her schools. She and 15 children toured Europe for three months, touching the lives of many people they met along the way. This is an encouraging and very personal film about a woman who dreamed the impossible, then trusted God to do everything necessary to see it become reality. Some segments in German with English subtitles.

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Code: 100000846

Year: 2012

Running time: 55 minutes

Price: $16.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: Missions , Inspirational