Saved to Serve - 2DVD set

Saved to Serve - 2DVD set

Four inspiring testimonies: 1. The Moon and Beyond. Crashed test pilot Captain Irwin was told he would never fly again. Ten years later, after much prayer, he was taking off on a flight to the moon! 27 mins. 2. Lord Why Me? Reverend Bill Rittenhouse, pastor at the manned space-craft centre N.A.S.A, talks to Peter White about his faith and adventures. 30 mins. 3. Courage in Conflict. The faith and service of Admiral Sir Horace Law. 28 mins. 4. A Day in April. The 6th April 1983 started like any other day for Police Officer Billy Burns, but by lunchtime he was fighting for his life – victim of a gunman's bullet. 28 mins.

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Running time: 116 minutes

Price: $19.95 (AUD, including GST)

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