Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

Discover Christianity before it had the organisation, trappings, and divisions of the modern church. What happened after the events that we know about from the New Testament? How did the Christian faith survive, spread, and take root throughout the whole Roman Empire? These six programs take you to the actual locations to show what the early church was like, how it spread, & the persecution it endured. Six 30 min programs. Program 1: Foundation What do we know about Christ? What happened to his twelve apostles? Program 2: Spread A word for all peoples. An impossible task! Yet they blanketed the whole Roman Empire. How did these early believers get their message to the world? Program 3: Accusation The Roman Empire had room for all kinds of religions, yet Christianity just didn't fit. Many charges were leveled against the believers - some will surprise you. Program 4: Persecution The mightiest empire in history unleashed repeated waves of persecution against the early believers. Why was the unarmed church such a threat to Rome? Program 5: Testimony Heroic figures emerged. Their effect on the young church was far-reaching. Here are two: Polycarp and Perpetua.One of the most popular series from the Christian history collection. This gripping series of six half-hour programs, produced in consultation with an international team of scholars, takes you to the actual locations to show what the early church was like, how it spread, and the persecution it endured. Host for the award-winning series is Steve Bell. Actors Nigel Goodwin, Russell Boulter, and Jane Campion dramatize leading figures and events from the early church. The six programs are as follows: Program 6: Transition When the Emperor Constantine came to the throne, the church was granted legal standing. Was this a blessing or a bane? Also, why the early church succeeded. Multiple Award Winner: -Chris Award from Columbus International Film & Video Festival -Gold Award from Houston International Film & Video Festival -Silver Angel from Angel Awards -Golden Eagle Award from CINE -Award for Best Series from Christian Visual Media International PDFs included on the DVD: -Leader's Guide with background information, discussion questions, and optional Bible study. -Student handouts for each session. -Program scripts. -Script of early church document, Octavius of Minucius Felix, upon which program 3 is based.

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Code: 100000670

Year: 1990

Running time: 180 minutes

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