Harvest (1983 Classic)

Harvest (1983 Classic)

The Harvest is the dramatic story of healing brought to a family on the brink of domestic destruction. At 42 Quentin Overby is a failure. He's been trying in vain to keep his failing car business alive. The stress and frustrations of his work, especially with the long hours, have put a strain on his marriage and a great distance in relationship and understanding between him and his son. A family vacation on a midwestern farm owned by a wise grandfather brings the entire situation to a head. A crisis with his son and a near tragedy combine to help Quentin discover new directions for his life and to understand the true meaning of love. "The Harvest" points the way to family love, unity, and communication. At the heart of the film is the recognition that living in harmony with the natural world helps bring peace and healing.

Harvest (1983 Classic) -- Rear cover

Code: 100000509

Year: 1983

Running time: 60 minutes

Price: $14.95 (AUD, including GST)

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