Teen Relationships - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

Teen Relationships - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

Teens are desperately searching for love. The media manipulates them with much misinformation and outright lies on male/female matters. This video presents a Christian perspective on sex and reveals to teens the reasons for pre-marital abstinence. It focuses not only on the physical, but also reveals the male/female perspective on the emotional and relational benefits from living according to the Biblical truths on sexuality. Jason Evert, M.A., and Ellen Marie, M.S., share real-life stories from teens who are dealing with today's pressures. These stories captivate youth while helping them understand why they benefit socially, emotionally and personally when they choose chastity. By following God’s design for sexuality, teens realize they are developing healthy relationships and becoming fulfilled. This video not only provides understanding but also gives tools to live out the choices emphasized in this program.

Teen Relationships - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie  -- Rear cover

Code: 100000450

Year: 2001

Running time: 75 minutes

Price: $17.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: DVD , Counselling , Documentaries , Youth