Growing Older Gracefully

Growing Older Gracefully

Growing older is part of the dues we all inevitably pay for the privilege of continuing as a guest on this Earth. For some it represents a dreaded burden. But it doesn't have to be. Start early enough to prepare for it , and growing older can be full of satisfaction and new joys. Fred Smith in this engaging video conversation with Ken Curtis show how with easy-to-grasp, practical steps and outlooks that can make a big difference for you. Here is an experience you will treasure. It could add years to your life. For people who are getting close to their senior years, Fred's guidance can help make every year fuller and more fruitful. Most of it has to do with how you look at things. It can make all the difference. No, you are not who you used to be. But Fred helps us see who we might become! Fred Smith is an experienced business executive, nationally acclaimed speaker, senior editor of Leadership Journal, noted mentor of many young leaders, author, and a fun guy to be around. Interviewer: Ken Curtis, President of Gateway Films/Vision Video.

Growing Older Gracefully -- Rear cover

Code: 100000408

Year: 1998

Running time: 58 minutes

Price: $14.95 (AUD, including GST)

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