Somebody's Daughter - Pornography

Somebody's Daughter - Pornography

Pornography is one of the most difficult moral challenges of our time. What was once considered obscene is now a multi-billion dollar industry increasingly becoming the norm within mainstream culture. Because of the internet with its accessibility, anonymity, and affordability, pornography addictions have risen to epidemic levels, destroying intimacy, marriages and families, while distorting our definition of sex and sexuality. Watch - and listen - as three men and a husband and wife share their intensely personal struggle of how pornography crept in and ravaged their lives. From abuser to victim, its introduction seemed harmless but proved to be an infectious destroyer. The groundbreaking DVD Somebody’s Daughter, confronts the darkness and lies of this alluring vice with compelling honesty and hope. From the DVD documentary surrounded by relevant and poignant music videos, you'll find this unique combination creates a life-giving journey to freedom . . . a journey that leads us into the light and celebrates the dignity of every human being.

Somebody's Daughter - Pornography -- Rear cover


Code: 100000270

Year: 2008

Running time: 62 minutes

Price: $16.95 (AUD, including GST)

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Categories: Counselling , Social Issues , Youth