Victory At Jerusalem

Victory At Jerusalem

Jesus Christ — arrested, betrayed, abandoned, spit upon, beaten, cursed, scourged and finally crucified. But that was only the beginning of the story. Three days later Jesus rose from the grave, just as he said he would. Discover the wonder, majesty and worship embodied in his sacrificial death and resurrection. It's sure to inspire you and your family. Travel back in time to visit, site by crucial site, the climactic last days of our Savior. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not a story of defeat, but of victory! Victory over death for all of humanity.

Victory At Jerusalem -- Rear cover

Code: 100000213

Year: 1997

Running time: 70 minutes

Price: $12.00 (AUD, including GST) (was 14.95)

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Categories: Bible Study , Easter , Inspirational