Revolutionary: Epic Version

Revolutionary: Epic Version

The glorious story of the life and ministry of Jesus is powerfully portrayed in this edition of "The Relvolutionary: Epic Version," which combines "The Revolutionary parts 1 & 2," with new additional footage. From his birth to his death and ascension, you will retrace Jesus' footsteps and see his miracles and ministry depicted as never before on film. Shot entirely on location in Israel, this epic version of "The Revolutionary" will take you back, almost 2000 years, to relive the dramatic events that changed the course of Human History - and mankind's eternal destiny - Forever. This fast paced new film on Jesus, made in high definition tecnology, shows his life and teaching in a way that arrests the attention of audiences.

Revolutionary: Epic Version -- Rear cover


Code: 100000039

Year: 1996

Running time: 97 minutes

Price: $10.00 (AUD, including GST) (was 14.95)

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Categories: Easter , Bible Study , Inspirational , Youth