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  • Testament - David and Saul

    Testament - David and Saul

    From the Testament: The Bible in Animation series.
    Power and humility are personified in the story of mighty King Saul and the humble shepherd boy David. The base and the glorious emotions of this stirring tale are vividly depicted by drawn animation.

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament the Bible in Animation - Abraham

    Testament the Bible in Animation - Abraham

    Animated When God told Abraham that he and his wife Sarah would have a son, Abraham was astounded, for Sarah was long past child-bearing age, but God assigned to Abraham the honor of being the "father of many nations". A colourful medley of animation techniques breathes new life into the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Creation & The Flood

    Testament-Creation & The Flood

    Animated Children's Bible Story Noah's Ark and the Fall in the Garden of Eden are woven together in this absorbing version of two familiar stories. When the Flood comes, Noah and his family begin life in the Ark, and as the storm rages outside, Noah plays storyteller, weaving ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Daniel


    Animated Children's Bible Story Political intrigue and unwavering faith are the cornerstone of the story of Daniel, held captive for many years under the Babylonian kings. Much loved and respected by the conqueror, King Darius, who appointed him governor, Daniel provoked great jealousy among the court advisers. Divine love ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Elijah


    Animated Children's Bible Story It is always difficult to be an outsider, but Elijah's plight as a sole, persecuted prophet of God took true faith to overcome. Alone in bringing people to the true God, he had to prove that the prophets of Baal were false, incurring the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Jonah


    Animated Children's Bible Story The gentle humour of this wonderful tale of the bad tempered prophet is given full rein here. Jonah's flat refusal to preach the word of the Lord to the people of Nineveh leads to his upsetting an entire boatful of sailors, and being unceremoniously ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament the Bible in Animation -Joseph

    Testament the Bible in Animation -Joseph

    Animated Children's Bible Story Joseph's privileged status as favourite son was shattered when his jealous brothers sold him into slavery. Through suffering and betrayal in Egypt, Joseph kept his faith in God. Model animation proves to be the perfect medium for the high drama and humour of this ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Moses


    Animated Children's Bible Story All the elements of great drama are found in the stirring tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, thwarting the Pharaoh's wrath to search for a land flowing with milk and honey. Drawn animation is the perfect medium for the dramatic tone ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Ruth


    Animated Children's Bible Story This is the story of a woman whose name has become synonymous with love and fidelity. The grace and simplicity of Ruth's story are conveyed perfectly by wonderful model animation.

    AUD $12.95

  • Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker's Christmas

    Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker's Christmas

    Go Look in the Manger -- Based on a true story, Go Look in the Manger is a wonderful tale of a Christmas gone by. Colorful illustrations, new and familiar songs, and a nostalgic setting are sure to make viewing this original story a holiday tradition. To eight-year-old Ricky Meyer, the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Red Boots For Christmas

    Red Boots For Christmas

    It's nearing Christmas in a small town in Germany. Hans the shoemaker works into the night, purposely shut away from the holiday festivities around him. Alone in his shop, with no family and few friends, Hans has never learned the true meaning of Christmas. While he mocks the townspeople ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Mary Had A Little Lamb

    Mary Had A Little Lamb

    In this enchanting children's musical, puppets tell the Christmas story as seen by the animals in the stable. Follow Tiny, the smallest lamb, and his friends as they journey to Bethlehem to witness the greatest event in history-the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ. As the story unfolds, the ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Learning About Sex Series

    Learning About Sex Series

    - Why Boys & Girls Are Different Ages 3-5 years - Where Do Babies Come From. Ages 6-8 - How You Are Changing. Ages 8-11 - Sex & New You. Ages 11-14 - Love Sex & God. 14 up. 10-15 minutes each.

    AUD $49.95

  • Heidi


    The made-for-television version of Johanna Spyri's family classic Heidi (Jennifer Edwards), a young orphan girl, is sent to live with her grandfather (Michael Redgrave) in the beautiful Swiss Alps. The gruff and bitter old man views Heidi at first as an ill-mannered child and an unwanted responsibility, but he ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Daniel Boone Trail Blazer

    Daniel Boone Trail Blazer

    Bruce Bennett stars as Daniel Boone, who leads settlers into Kentucky to build a new frontier. There they must battle hostile Shawnee Indians who have been persuaded by a renegade Frenchman that Boone and the settlers are there to kill them and steal their land. This 1956 adventure story also ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    From the Vision Video Classic Collection. This 1952 musical adaption of the classic fairy tale stars Lou Castello as Jack and Bud Abbott as Mr. Dinklepuss, the greedy butcher who trades five magic beans for Jack's cow. Though especially suited for children, Abbott and Costello fans of all ages ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

    This exceptional theatrical version of Lewis Carroll's classic features a combination of live characters and puppets, created by master puppeteer Louis Bunin. The cast includes Carol Marsh as Alice along with Stephen Murray, Felix Aylmer, Ernest Milton, and Pamela Brown (in live sequences and as vouces of the puppets ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Adventures of Gallant Bess

    Adventures of Gallant Bess

    Ted Daniels (Cameron Mitchell), a ranch hand working for a rodeo, captures and trains a magnificent wild horse that he names Gallant Bess. During a rodeo, Ted is injured and becomes incapacitated. While he is recovering, Gallant Bess is stolen from him by the rodeo owner. Ted must decide whether ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Gulliver's Travels

    Gulliver's Travels

    Based on Jonathan Swift's 18th century immortal tale. This animated feature includes wonderful songs and endearing characters. It took nearly 700 artists to complete this 1939 feature film which was directed by Dave Fleischer and produced by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios. Gulliver, an ordinary sailor, washes ashore on ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone is one of the most heroic figures in early American history. Staying faithful to the character and the times, this 1936 production from Radio Pictures stars George O’Brien in the title role. He leads thirty settlers and their families from North Carolina to Kentucky where they face menacing ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Bedbug Bible Gang-Kids,Friends & Songs!

    Bedbug Bible Gang-Kids,Friends & Songs!

    3 Episodes Kindly Kids!- Laighing Boy (Isaac)-Samuels's Message-Jairus'Daughter. Friendly Frieids!-Fiery Furnace-Jesus & the Children-Fishers of Men Super Psalms!-Psalm 23-Psalm 100-Psalm 136. 70min. Ages 3-8. (2008)

    AUD $12.95

  • BedBug Bible Gang Following God

    BedBug Bible Gang Following God

    This delightful programme combines 3-D computer animation with illustrations and live-action puppets to make learning Bible stories fun for children. Lots of Lights-Three Wise Men, Light Of The World, Transfiguration God Is Calling-Noah's Call, Anointing of David, Twelve Disciples Heading to Heaven!- Elijah and the Chariot, Rich Man and ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Childrens Heroes of the Bible: Old Testament Set

    Childrens Heroes of the Bible: Old Testament Set

    Animated teaching videos. An effective way to teach children Scripture. The Old Testament Set includes Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Esther.

    AUD $9.95

  • Puzzle Club - Pet Napping Mystery

    Puzzle Club - Pet Napping Mystery

    School has just started, and Korina isn't happy. Her new lab partner is the loudmouthed, bubble-gum-chewing Riley Gadwalder. She thinks he is obnoxious, and is struggling with how and why to accept Riley in spite of his annoying habits. Can the Puzzle Club solve the mystery of the missing ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Puzzle Club - Easter Adventure

    Puzzle Club - Easter Adventure

    Animated, With Tobias in the hospital, the club is torn between solving their case or staying by their friend's side. It's Tobias who finally convinces them that with a child missing, there's not a second to lose! Join the Puzzle Club on their search for Buzz and ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Children's Heroes of the Bible: New Testament Set

    Children's Heroes of the Bible: New Testament Set

    All children love stories, and the timeless stories of the Bible speak to young hearts and minds just as powerfully as they do to adults. This series is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the great people, events, teachings, and stories in the Old and New Testaments. Designed ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Samson and Gideon

    Samson and Gideon

    From the Vision Video Classic Collection. This 1966 classic tells the story of two Old Testament leaders from the Book of Judges. Ivo Garrani stars as Gideon. Anton Geesink stars as Samson. DVD 86 mins / colour

    AUD $14.95

  • Jungle Doctor Series-FilmStrip on DVD

    Jungle Doctor Series-FilmStrip on DVD

    6 x 10 minute Jungle Doctor DVD's on one disc.Titles include: Monkey in a Lion's Skin - Donkey Wisdom - Sweet and Sour Hippo - The Trap - Famous Last Words - Reflections of Hippo.Still FilmStrip images with audio commentary on one DVD.60min.

    AUD $39.95