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  • Reflections on the Beatitudes for People with Cancer

    Reflections on the Beatitudes for People with Cancer

    Reflections on the Beatitudes for People with Cancer is the third installment in the Reflections series with Ken Curtis. For this episode, Ken visits fascinating sites in Israel, among them the location traditionally said to be where Jesus gave the Beatitudes. This brief collection of sayings about blessedness or happiness ...

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  • Henri Nouwen - Cross Currents

    Henri Nouwen - Cross Currents

    Brian C. Stiller, host of Vision TV's weekly broadcast Cross Currents (1994-1998), explores the heart of Nouwen's passionate message of faith in these insightful and penetrating interviews. These two spiritual leaders challenge each other with a fresh understanding of the contribution their different religious traditions have made to ...

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  • Holy City and a Garden

    Holy City and a Garden

    An upbeat, informative journey through Jerusalem with host David Nunn.  Visit some of the Holy City’s most intriguing attractions – the Western (Wailing) Wall, the Dome of the Rock, the Garden Tomb— and discover the history behind their triumphant yet turbulent past. It’s the next best thing to being ...

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  • Meeting God in Quiet Places

    Meeting God in Quiet Places

    For six months every year American author F. LaGard Smith abandons the hustle and bustle of modern life and goes to England to walk, write and meditate in the beautiful tranquility of its countryside. From the rustic charm of his stone cottage LaGard Smith has penned numerous books that explore ...

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  • Peace Child (1974 Classic)

    Peace Child (1974 Classic)

    Don and Carol Richardson respond to the call of Christ. Careful preparation for their mission and a journey of their dug-out canoe bring them to a remote rainforest inhabited by some of the worlds most primitive people. Painstakingly, they learn the language only to be shocked when the story of ...

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  • Out of the Night

    Out of the Night

    This dramatic presentation of Stephen Arrington's life will challenge youth to consider the consequences of their choices. Stephen never intended to trash his life. Discharged from the Navy for selling marijuana, he became a pilot for a multimillionaire friend—who turned out to be a major cocaine transporter. While co-piloting ...

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  • Against Great Odds

    Against Great Odds

    A great program on church growth, small groups and faithfulness in times of trial. It examines the growth of the Meserete Kristos Church in Ethiopia. In 1982 the Marxist government closed all of their congregations and put their leaders in prison. The church went underground and continued meeting in homes ...

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  • Perpetua-Early Church Martyr

    Perpetua-Early Church Martyr

    We journey to ancient Carthage in North Africa to uncover the fascinating true story of a courageous young woman of the early church who dared to claim Jesus as her Lord in the face of Roman opposition. Faced with the risk of death, Perpetua gave up wealth, freedom, and even ...

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  • Torchlighters: The Perpetua Story

    Torchlighters: The Perpetua Story

    It is the year AD 203 in Carthage, North Africa. Perpetua, an affluent young mother, is charged with converting to Christianity and is sent to prison. But her freedom can be secured easily. All she has to do is offer one pinch of incense in honour to the Roman gods ...

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  • Cancer Stories

    Cancer Stories

    These intimate, honest, and emotionally moving programs cover the experience of various individuals as they fight their own life and death war against Cancer. The stories are as varied as the people telling them. They include a NASA space engineer, a sports champion, successful career men and women, children and ...

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  • Breakthrough


    In 1908 a young English college graduate gave up a potential career and fame to serve as a missionary in the remote regions of China. But after six years, there was little response and the mission needed him elsewhere. What would James O. Fraser do? Breakthrough is a deeply inspiring ...

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  • Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand

    Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand

    Before communism fell in Eastern Europe, Christians were often arrested and kept in prisons or labor camps where the Communists went to great lengths to break their faith. This is the story of a family whose faith endured. Born in Romania, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand became Christians after they were ...

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  • Ashes to Glory - Easter Devotional

    Ashes to Glory - Easter Devotional

    This Lenten season, experience the depths of love, the power of forgiveness, and the joy of everlasting life found in the Easter story. Ashes to Glory: An Easter Devotional on DVD takes viewers on a devotional journey from the remembrance of Ash Wednesday to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Each ...

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  • Gladys Aylward

    Gladys Aylward

    Gladys Aylward (1902-1970) may have been small in stature at barely five feet tall, but she was a giant of conviction! Even Hollywood was amazed by her story and made a movie about it, entitled The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. This fascinating documentary presents the events of Gladys' life ...

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  • Reflections Lord's Prayer for people with Cancer

    Reflections Lord's Prayer for people with Cancer

    "You have cancer," can be the most devastating words one can ever hear. Tragically, cancer continues to assault and afflict vast numbers of families. But for many the experience of cancer becomes a time of finding God's presence in a deeper and more beautiful way! This series of meditations ...

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  • Sharing in the Father's Affection

    Sharing in the Father's Affection

    Using scripture Wayne Jacobsen weaves a story of what it looks like to live life enveloped by the affection of a loving Heavenly Father. Along the way we hear how a self-described atheist gives an incredible definition of what Jesus taught. We are also given examples from the New Testament ...

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  • Journey


    A story of one man's journey from tragedy to hope.This is a real-life testimony of Israel Hanna's journey of faith. God rescued Hanna from the grip of suicidal despair and revealed Himself through mercy and provision. Hanna's relationship with the Lord grew to a depth that ...

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  • Cabin 6

    Cabin 6

    Inspired by a true story. Dan and Barbra Williams (Jim Burns and Perry Smith) head out of town for a weekend in the woods, an anniversary gift from their daughter. They've been married for years, but the flame has gone out of their marriage. Instead, lie bitter feelings of ...

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  • More Than Dreams

    More Than Dreams

    For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as ...

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  • Turning The Tide

    Turning The Tide

    In 2005, efforts to change the laws to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide were before the legislative bodies in Canada and California. In both cases the legislation did not pass. However, the efforts to legalize assisted suicide have not abated and will continue. How do you frame the rules for ...

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  • Steve Saint-the Jungle Missionary

    Steve Saint-the Jungle Missionary

    Steve Saint was not quite five years old when his father, Nate Saint, and four other men were speared to death in 1956 by members of the Aucas, now known as the Waodani. The five missionaries and their families had gone to live in the jungles of Ecuador in hopes ...

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  • Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction

    Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction

    This fascinating documentary presents the details of Eric's life, who was perhaps best known as an athlete in the 1924 Olympics, as depicted in the Academy Award-winning film, "Chariots of Fire." His story is told by David McCasland, author of Eric Liddell: Pure Gold, Eric's daughter Patricia, and ...

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  • Stepping-Stone Miracles

    Stepping-Stone Miracles

    When doctors could offer no hope for his dying brother and a baby girl seemed certain to die, Des Morton defied all odds and chose to believe that God would answer his prayers. In this DVD, Des describes how God used miraculous happenings as stepping-stones on his spiritual journey. Through ...

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  • Journey Into the Unknown (Hanneke van Dam)

    Journey Into the Unknown (Hanneke van Dam)

    Hanneke is working as a child psychologist at the courthouse in Amsterdam. One day she is convinced that she has heard God's voice to give up her job, leave everything behind and move to Mongolia. Mongolia? She did not even know where to find it on the map! This ...

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  • Reflections on Psalm 23 for people with cancer

    Reflections on Psalm 23 for people with cancer

    The Vital Prescription: Courage + Comfort = Hope Ken Curtis explores coping with advanced cancer from personal experience based on the inspiration of the 23rd Psalm. Over 3,000 years ago, Israel's King David--the same one who slew the giant Goliath--wrote what has become the most popular song in the entire ...

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  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love

    A despondent American journalist is sent to rural Austria in the fall of 1956 to cover the story of the refugee flight from Communist Hungary, following the demise of an attempted revolution against Soviet occupation. While investigating the story, he witnesses an unparalleled act of love that changes his perspective ...

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  • Charles Wesley

    Charles Wesley

    Charles Wesley penned more than 6,500 magnificent hymns. Some are among the most beloved in Christian history -- "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing," "Christ The Lord Is Risen Today," and many others appear in the hymnals of every Christian denomination. In Wesley's time, congregational hymn singing was a revolutionary ...

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  • A Distant Thunder

    A Distant Thunder

    Things are not always as they seem... especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind in this gripping supernatural thriller. Struggling to keep her fragile sanity from unravelling, Prosecutor Ann Brown is offered a murder case that will challenge everything she believes to be true. Uncertain at first whether ...

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  • Till My Last Breath

    Till My Last Breath

    In this inspiring documentary, you will witness unique footage of the impact of one man's faith and what God can do when one obeys His call. Sunday's courage has an effect that no one dared to dream of: it changed the hearts of thousands of people. As a ...

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  • MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    This original series of documentary-style magazine shows was created as a prime-time series by FaithTV for airing on the Sky Angel satellite and many other cable outlets across America. It features stories of God's work taking place on nearly every continent around the world. Hosts for the series are ...

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  • Bless You Prison

    Bless You Prison

    The true story of Nicoleta Valery Grossu's amazing survival in a Romanian Communist prison camp and how faith in the Lord enabled her to transcend the relentless cruelty. It was an experience unspeakably brutal... To be taken away from home and thrown in jail without any trial. To be ...

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  • Fanny Crosby

    Fanny Crosby

    This is the amazing biography of the blind hymn writer, Fanny Crosby. As the writer of more than 10,000 hymns, all penned after the age of 40, she is credited with authoring more verse than any human in history. The tragic mistreatment by a charlatan masquerading as a doctor ...

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  • In the Arms of Angels

    In the Arms of Angels

    Won the coveted Grand Remi Award at the 2004 Worldfest Houston Film Festival A moving example of the power of prayer, a miracle, and God's grace. This short drama will generate thought-provoking discussion. When eight-year-old Belle Richards disobeys her father, she puts herself and her younger brother in grave ...

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  • Mama Heidi

    Mama Heidi

    If you ever wondered if caring people can make a difference in this world, then be sure to see this program. In 1994, Heidi and Rolland Baker arrive in Mozambique amidst the hard times following the Mozambique Civil War. Even the Red Cross trucks were not safe and were bombed ...

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  • Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    You know of her through the TV series "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye." Now here is the rest you didn't know, and her story is sure to capture a place in your heart. When only 18 months old, Sue suffered a total loss of hearing. Her parents determined to ...

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  • Yali Story

    Yali Story

    This is the story of a community of Stone-Age people living in the mountain jungles of Papua, (formerly called Irian Jaya). Until the 1960s, this unique culture existed without any idea of a world beyond their own isolated villages. The Yali were cannibals, warriors, and lived in fear of evil ...

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  • Least of These

    Least of These

    Acclaimed short film. It's the same old, at the same old diner. Jim the owner, hides in the kitchen. The regulars retread old banter. A new guy sits alone at the counter. Then a simple idea shatters the dull routine. Plus interview with Tony Campolo.

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  • Opening the Door to Luther

    Opening the Door to Luther

    Open the door to Martin Luther with public television travel host Rick Steves. He takes us to areas of Germany known as Lutherlands. From Eisleben, where Luther was born, to Wittenberg where he taught and preached, and to several other areas, we learn about the tumultuous events of the Reformation ...

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  • Journey Toward Forgiveness

    Journey Toward Forgiveness

    This hour-long documentary powerfully demonstrates that those who are able to embark on a process towards forgiveness -- though heartrending and difficult -- find it to be the path to inner healing. Stories include: • An Enemy Worse than Death — With the abduction and murder of their 13-year-old daughter, Wilma and ...

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  • Prisoners of Hope

    Prisoners of Hope

    In August, 1964, an American pilot was shot downn and captured by the North Vietnamese. In the following years of the Vietnam conflict, hundreds of American prisoners of war were interrogated, starved and tourtured in Communist prisons. Prisoners of Hope presents the experiences of ten of these individuals who were ...

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