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  • Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story

    Torchlighters: The Jim Elliot Story

    Geared for children ages 8-12, this stunning, half-hour, action-packed program uses top quality animation to bring to life the story of missionary martyr Jim Elliot. The year was 1956. From the steamy jungles of Ecuador, news spread around the world that five young American men were mercilessly killed by members ...

    AUD $10.00

  • A Distant Thunder

    A Distant Thunder

    Things are not always as they seem... especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind in this gripping supernatural thriller. Struggling to keep her fragile sanity from unravelling, Prosecutor Ann Brown is offered a murder case that will challenge everything she believes to be true. Uncertain at first whether ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Till My Last Breath

    Till My Last Breath

    In this inspiring documentary, you will witness unique footage of the impact of one man's faith and what God can do when one obeys His call. Sunday's courage has an effect that no one dared to dream of: it changed the hearts of thousands of people. As a ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Aardvark to Zucchini

    Aardvark to Zucchini

    Join the kids, critters, and squashes in this prayer-packed program as they thank God from A to Z. You'll soon learn that praying is fun to do and fruitful, too. Filled with songs and rhymes, this animated video is an entertaining and educational introduction to prayer for preschoolers and ...

    AUD $9.95

  • How Can I Celebrate Advent?

    How Can I Celebrate Advent?

    Beth and her Brother, Digger, can hardly wait for the Christmas celebration to come, so they are excited to learn that the church has a special season of waiting and preparing in expectation of the coming Savior: the season of Advent. Beth and Digger happily hear God's plan of ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Overlord: A Mighty Host

    Overlord: A Mighty Host

    On June 6, 1944, the greatest military operation in the history of the world succeeded in landing more than 150,000 Allied troops on the beaches of northern France. Before the battle of Normandy was won in late August, these troops endured some of the most costly fighting of World ...

    AUD $14.95

  • How Can I Celebrate Passover?

    How Can I Celebrate Passover?

    Some of Digger's friends celebrate a holiday he has never heard of before. Spend a night of celebration with Digger as he learns the significance of the ancient feast of Passover while helping his friend, beth, prepare the Seder meal. Digger is excited to learn that young Christians can ...

    AUD $12.95

  • How Can I Celebrate Halloween?

    How Can I Celebrate Halloween?

    Digger is a curious youngster who would like to join in on the Halloween festivities, but some of his friends say that celebrating Halloween is wrong. His sister, Beth, calms Digger's fears by teaching him the Christian History of All Saint's Day celebration. Digger is pleased to learn ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Warriors Of Honor

    Warriors Of Honor

    The Revolutionary War united America. Less than one hundred years later a bloody Civil War divided it. Most Americans believe that Southerners fought to preserve slavery; however a much deeper divide existed between the North and South. Two drastically different cultures had emerged on the American landscape. This documentary places ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Agent Abbey

    Agent Abbey

    Abbey, a typical American teenager from Nashville, Tennessee, enjoys being a Christian, going to church, and having fun with her friends. She has never heard about Christians suffering for their faith in Christ. But when she travels to China for the first time with her dad, a photojournalist, Abbey quickly ...

    AUD $10.00

  • People Who Met Jesus Series Two

    People Who Met Jesus Series Two

    These are the stories of eight people who met Jesus. Three of them became His disciples, and five of them rejected Him, but all of them were impacted by His life and message. They are very different personalities and each one has something to teach us. Understand the events leading ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • Fierce Goodbye

    Fierce Goodbye

    Over four million people a year in the U.S. mourn the tragic suicide deaths of family members. Suicide devastates family members for many years; family survivors are at a greater risk of suicide themselves and the pain ripples out to entire communities. In this video, family survivors reveal their ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Uncommon Union

    Uncommon Union

    Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) was America's greatest theologian and a leader in "The Great Awakening" (which reached its height in the 1740s), a religious movement that decisively shaped American life. This is the story of Edwards and his remarkable wife Sarah as seen through her eyes. Sarah is played by ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Footsteps of Goliath

    Footsteps of Goliath

    Is the famous story really true? Did young David actually slay the giant Goliath with a slingshot? Did giants actually walk the earth? Find out in Footsteps of Goliath. The filmmakers themselves pieced together clues from the Lands of the Bible and brought them together in the most complete view ...

    AUD $17.95

  • MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    This original series of documentary-style magazine shows was created as a prime-time series by FaithTV for airing on the Sky Angel satellite and many other cable outlets across America. It features stories of God's work taking place on nearly every continent around the world. Hosts for the series are ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Bless You Prison

    Bless You Prison

    The true story of Nicoleta Valery Grossu's amazing survival in a Romanian Communist prison camp and how faith in the Lord enabled her to transcend the relentless cruelty. It was an experience unspeakably brutal... To be taken away from home and thrown in jail without any trial. To be ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Christianity and Islam

    Christianity and Islam

    Based on the best-selling book, Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad? by Dr. Timothy George. Words unfamiliar to most Americans are now heard daily on the evening news: jihad, Islam, Allah, Quran, fatwa, imam, ummah, Ramadan. Today, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, with ...

    AUD $15.95 (was $19.95)

  • Sparky Chronicles: The Map

    Sparky Chronicles: The Map

    The Sparky Chronicles is a witty spoof of the popular spy/action genre that youth love. When a mysterious villain kidnaps the family pet, three college-age friends quickly form a crack search team to find their beloved dog. Utilizing the latest in high-tech gadgets and a computer minded mobile headquaters ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Exploring Biblical Jordan

    Exploring Biblical Jordan

    More and more discoveries are being made in the land of Jordan related to the actual places where some of the greatest Bible events took place! Journey with us in this compelling video in which Bible events come to life. Follow the adventures of Lot, as he fled from Sodom ...

    AUD $16.95

  • Three Christmas Classics

    Three Christmas Classics

    Three Christmas Classics -- on one DVD! Christmas Is -- An animated classic about Benji, a disappointed little boy who must play the second shepherd in the school play -- again. Disappointment turns to joy when a daydream transports him and his lovable pooch, Waldo, back to the first Christmas. There the second ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Adventures of Apostle Paul

    Adventures of Apostle Paul

    This engaging, animated program introduces children ages eight and above to the incredible life and work of the Apostle Paul. Take a look back about 1,960 years and accompany the Apostle Paul on his travels. For him and his friends, events are often life-threatening in Damascus, Philippi, on the ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Blessing Of Peace

    Blessing Of Peace

    Have you had enough of stress? If the "experts" tell you there is nothing you can do, it is time to find the truth. You can live a life free from stress! Let Dr. Baucom help you find the hidden source of your stress so you can take vack control ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Fanny Crosby

    Fanny Crosby

    This is the amazing biography of the blind hymn writer, Fanny Crosby. As the writer of more than 10,000 hymns, all penned after the age of 40, she is credited with authoring more verse than any human in history. The tragic mistreatment by a charlatan masquerading as a doctor ...

    AUD $17.95

  • In the Arms of Angels

    In the Arms of Angels

    Won the coveted Grand Remi Award at the 2004 Worldfest Houston Film Festival A moving example of the power of prayer, a miracle, and God's grace. This short drama will generate thought-provoking discussion. When eight-year-old Belle Richards disobeys her father, she puts herself and her younger brother in grave ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Mama Heidi

    Mama Heidi

    If you ever wondered if caring people can make a difference in this world, then be sure to see this program. In 1994, Heidi and Rolland Baker arrive in Mozambique amidst the hard times following the Mozambique Civil War. Even the Red Cross trucks were not safe and were bombed ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Stephen's Test of Faith

    Stephen's Test of Faith

    Twelve-year-old Stephen is mocked and ridiculed for his faith. But that test leads to a new understanding and inner strength that changes his life. It’s tough for a twelve-year-old to be rejected and scorned by his peers. It devastates young Stephen. He shares this humiliation with his parents at home ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    You know of her through the TV series "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye." Now here is the rest you didn't know, and her story is sure to capture a place in your heart. When only 18 months old, Sue suffered a total loss of hearing. Her parents determined to ...

    AUD $12.95

  • The Prince of Peace

    The Prince of Peace

    Relive the Christmas story in this fascinating 3D animation spectacular. See the story unfold as Mary and Joseph are visited by angels while Herod plots to erase any competition to his throne. The birth of baby Jesus in that Bethlehem stable changed the world, and to this very day, men ...

    AUD $9.95

  • A Diary of Revival

    A Diary of Revival

    Over the course of Christian history there have been times of revival when the Holy Spirit is powerfully manifested among the people of God. One of the most far-reaching revivals ever took place in 1904 in Wales. In this program you will see how the revival broke out and how ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Yali Story

    Yali Story

    This is the story of a community of Stone-Age people living in the mountain jungles of Papua, (formerly called Irian Jaya). Until the 1960s, this unique culture existed without any idea of a world beyond their own isolated villages. The Yali were cannibals, warriors, and lived in fear of evil ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Amish, The People of Preservation

    Amish, The People of Preservation

    The Amish continue to intrigue their technology-current neighbors by keeping alive ways and beliefs that many modern Americans regard as irretrievably lost to progress. In this colorful, award-winning documentary, newly revised and augmented, Mennonite historian John L. Ruth takes us sympathetically into the Amish mindset. Appreciative neighbors, a well-known physician ...

    AUD $12.00

  • In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

    In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

    T.N. Mohan, directer of the multiple award winning film on Dietrich Bonhoffer, "Hanged on a twisted Cross", returned to Germany to film "In The Footsteps Of Martin Luther." He introduces Germany as the land of the Reformation, by featuring ten Luther towns which represent the most significant stages in ...

    AUD $12.95

  • All About Jesus: Who is Jesus and What if Jesus had Never Been Born

    All About Jesus: Who is Jesus and What if Jesus had Never Been Born

    Includes two of the most compelling presentations ever produced about the life and influence of Jesus, on one DVD. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actor Dean Jones and hosted by Dr. James Kennedy, this documentary-style presentation features a wide variety of locations and expert interviews and uncovers fascinating answers to hard questions ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Solomon's Temple

    Solomon's Temple

    An extraordinary journey through the temple, promised to David, fulfilled in Solomon. The place where it was built in ancient times was considered the center of the world. In many ways it has continued to be a center of history. Today it continues as a center of great reverence as ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Here I Stand

    Here I Stand

    It is claimed that there have been more books written about Martin Luther than anyone else other than Jesus Christ. In those lists pundits compile about who were the most influential in shaping our modern world, the name Martin Luther inevitably shows up near the top, usually in the top ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Least of These

    Least of These

    Acclaimed short film. It's the same old, at the same old diner. Jim the owner, hides in the kitchen. The regulars retread old banter. A new guy sits alone at the counter. Then a simple idea shatters the dull routine. Plus interview with Tony Campolo.

    AUD $17.95

  • Glory to God Alone

    Glory to God Alone

    Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) lived his whole life in Germany and in music. This video is his story, unfolded from the very places where his key life events took place. It is Bach for beginners, in the sense that young people who may never yet heard of him will find ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Martin Luther

    Martin Luther

    The dramatic black and white classic film of Martin Luther's life made in the 1950's. This film was originally released in theaters worldwide and nominated for an Academy Award. A magnificent depiction of Luther and the forces at work in the surrounding society that resulted in his historic ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Cherub Wings #15 Choices, Choices!

    Cherub Wings #15 Choices, Choices!

    Episode 15: Choices, Choices! (tackling temptation by choosing God's best) -- This episode teaches children the benefits of heeding the Bible and praying when faced with difficult choices. “You dare me to what?”– “I’m not sure I should watch this!”– “I don’t think that’s a good idea!” ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Cherub Wings #07 Moldy Gold

    Cherub Wings #07 Moldy Gold

    Episode 7: Moldy Gold -- Finding Eternal Treasures -- "I like this! I like that! I gotta have more! I want this! I want that! I want the whole store!" Everyone experiences "the gimmes"- that seemingly endless quest for the things that we think will make us truly happy only to end ...

    AUD $9.95