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  • Wisdom From India - Lecture 5

    Wisdom From India - Lecture 5

    LECTURE 5  Astrology: Let Us Make Man in the Image of His Stars Twenty-five percent of Americans take astrology seriously, according to a Baylor University study. Astrology is a central component of the New Age movement, and many use it as a tool for self-discovery. Do the positions of the ...

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  • Wisdom From India - Lecture 6

    Wisdom From India - Lecture 6

    LECTURE 6 Ecology: The Responsibility of Being Human Many believe that global warming and other ecological crises are the number one threat to humanity and the planet, while others believe that global warming is a hoax. Why are ecological issues so divisive? In this lecture, Dr. Mangalwadi explores various philosophies ...

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  • Wisdom From India - Lecture 7

    Wisdom From India - Lecture 7

    7 -- Vegetarianism: The Ethics of Eating Meat In this lecture, Dr. Mangalwadi explores the history and meaning of vegetarianism from the Eastern religious viewpoint, the secular viewpoint and the Judeo-Christian viewpoint. Is vegetarianism healthier than eating meat? Is it cruel to slaughter animals for food? Why do most Christians reject ...

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  • Rescued


    According to James 1:27, "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."
    Today, there are over 160 million children worldwide who are without parents. In America there are as many ...

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  • Samuel Morris, African Missionary to North America

    Samuel Morris, African Missionary to North America

    In 1892, 18-year-old Prince Kaboo of Liberia’s Kru tribe had been captured by the rival Grebos. When Kaboo’s people could not pay his ransom, the young prince was readied for execution. But at the last minute, there was a blinding flash of light and a mysterious voice that said, “Run ...

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  • Appalachian Trial

    Appalachian Trial

    A pleasant hike turns into an ordeal when Jeremy Crandall tempts his brother Brendan, along with Kayla and Zack Hart, to disobey their parents and go past the end of the marked trail. When the kids try to retrace their steps, tempers flare and hardships reveal important needs in both ...

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  • Treasure Map

    Treasure Map

    Edward White Eyes, a troubled Cherokee boy, encounters an unfriendly welcome when he is forced to bunk in Nathan's room at Thornridge Manor. The two boys remain at odds, until a treasure map captivates them both and a thief's scheme forces them to team up. Edward, Nathan, and ...

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  • Printing


    Witness the Soviet Union--before glasnost. Fear of the KGB pervades society. Christian faith is stifled wherever it is discovered. Most believers cling to a hollow shell of Christianity tolerated in "registered" churches.
    However, some believers opt to remain "unregistered," worshipping God openly and accepting the consequences. A brave few dare ...

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  • Cross & the Switchblade / Run Baby Run 2 DVD Set Anniversary Edition

    Cross & the Switchblade / Run Baby Run 2 DVD Set Anniversary Edition

    The Cross and the Switchblade
    This special anniversary release of the ever popular film tells the true story of the beginning of David Wilkerson's work among the gangs of New York City and the dramatic conversion of the notorious street fighter, Nicky Cruz.
    Now in over 25 languages,
    The ...

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  • Letters to an Unknown Daughter

    Letters to an Unknown Daughter

    In the summer of 1974, 17-year old Anita Keagy discovered that she was pregnant by her boyfriend. Having grown up in a loving but strict Christian home, Anita feared the disgrace it would bring on her family and considered abortion. Instead, with much prayer and courage, she gave her child ...

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  • Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story

    Torchlighters: The Samuel Morris Story

    Young Prince Kaboo knows his fate is sealed. Since his father can no longer meet his captors' ransom demands, Kaboo is to be tortured until death. But a bigger plan is about to unfold! A blinding light appears and the ropes that bind him fall away. Renewed strength floods his ...

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  • Journey into the Amazon

    Journey into the Amazon

    Traveling to South America, Steve Saint leads a group out of their comfort zone and into the jungles of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The group includes many who are related to one of the most famous missionary stories of our time—the five men who were killed in Ecuador in ...

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  • Lady Jane Grey

    Lady Jane Grey

    While casually browsing the bookshelves at a local library, a young woman stumbles across a book about the sixteen-year-old martyr, Lady Jane Grey. As she attentively ingests each word, her mind is captivated by the realism of the events unfolding before her. Pages continue to turn as moments turn to ...

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  • Maria Prean

    Maria Prean

    The amazing story of missionary Maria Prean is told in this award-winning documentary by Janina Huettenrauch. Maria was 60 years old when she decided to start a new life. She moved from Austria to Uganda, a country with more than two million orphans. Seeing the great need, she began caring ...

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  • From University to Prison

    From University to Prison

    Of the numerous intellectuals arrested after the Communist takeover of Romania, one was a renowned psychologist named Nicolae Margineanu. At the height of his professional career, this respected academic was arrested, subject to a show-trial and sentenced to 25 years in a brutal prison. His personal life and career were ...

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  • Pawn's Move

    Pawn's Move

    A Tragic Loss, a Huge Gain, and a Move towards the Goodness of GodA young man inherits a pawn shop, together with 4 million dollars he made from a recent collectible item.  In order to escape the clingy, money-hungry “girlfriend” and the devastating death of his mentor, he then moves ...

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  • In the Steps of Moses - Exploring Exodus with David Nunn

    In the Steps of Moses - Exploring Exodus with David Nunn

    In the Steps of Moses is an exhilarating exploration of the life of Moses and the book of Exodus. Host David Nunn carefully traces the Biblical texts and takes us to the very places where the events happened. The Exodus stands as the iconic event of the Hebrew Scriptures, and ...

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  • Joy of Seeking God First - 2 DVD Set

    Joy of Seeking God First - 2 DVD Set

    A dynamic presenter, Anita shares six inspiring 40-minute sessions to equip you with simple tools and an easy-to-use plan to help you make daily time in God's Word a natural part of your life.
    Session 1: Seeking God First
    Session 2: Key Principles Part I
    Session 3: Key Principles ...

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  • Proof Through the Night

    Proof Through the Night

    Oh Say, Can You See...? In the 200 years since Francis Scott Key first wrote those words on the back of a letter they have inspired millions. The hope and joy expressed in the American National Anthem are so moving that more than five million people signed petitions for its ...

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  • Dr. David Livingstone

    Dr. David Livingstone

    In the early part of the nineteenth century, Africa was called the dark continent. One man’s passion for Christ would change that view. Dr. David Livingstone took the Gospel to Africa in word and deed. As a medical doctor he treated the sick, earning him the necessary trust and respect ...

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  • Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    Jesus: He Lived Among Us

    He was born in humble obscurity, yet His family had to flee to save Him from a jealous ruler. He forgave sins, healed the sick and gave hope to the down-hearted and oppressed, yet He was despised and rejected by many. He spoke the truth even when it was dangerous ...

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  • Spunky Double Feature - Janette Oke

    Spunky Double Feature - Janette Oke

    Camping Adventure - Spunky and Mark find themselves camping next to a kid named Buzz and his less-than-lovable dog Snapper. They learn what it means to be nice to matter what.
    Circus Adventure - Spunky's final adventure is at the circus where he and his master, Mark, find themselves ...

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  • Spunky's First Christmas

    Spunky's First Christmas

    Spunky's First Christmas - Janette Oke - Lovable puppies, a family Christmas and a big city full of excitement all add up to an adventure that every child should experience. Spunky, our hero, begins his journey to his new home and soon discovers how much it really means to have a ...

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  • A Third Testament - Malcolm Muggeridge - 2 DVD Set

    A Third Testament - Malcolm Muggeridge - 2 DVD Set

    A Third Testament is the highly praised television documentary presented by noted author and Christian apologist, Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990). This revealing documentary profiles six famous and unique men whose search for God forms a kind of modern testament to the reality of Christ.
    Saint Augustine: the former hedonist who turned ...

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  • Through A Lens Darkly - Grief, Loss & C.S. Lewis

    Through A Lens Darkly - Grief, Loss & C.S. Lewis

    Loss comes in many forms: The grief over the death of a loved one, the devastation of a physical or mental impairment, the pain of divorce or separation, or the distress of job loss and foreclosure. The physical and emotional responses to grief can be as heart wrenching as the ...

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  • History of Christian Worship - Part 4 - The Music

    History of Christian Worship - Part 4 - The Music

    Part 4: The Music explores how liturgy and music have enriched the celebration of God’s story throughout centuries of Christianity, including:
    • Why time, place, structure and symbols are significant components of worship
    • What elements of liturgy lead us to experience the glories of Heaven while on Earth
    • ...

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  • History of Christian Worship - Part 5 - The Expression

    History of Christian Worship - Part 5 - The Expression

    Part 5: The Expression explores how visual art, drama and media have been used in various times and places in Christian worship for the creative expression of the faith, including:
    • How paintings, sculptures, stained glass and icons visually convey God's story.
    • Why worship space and architecture influence ...

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  • Missing


    Kevin hates living on the mission field. Mario is in a constant struggle for survival on the streets of manila. Rina is abducted with no hope of escape. When the three cross paths, they find themselves in an adventure they will never forget. One that will change their lives forever ...

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  • No Bright Lights

    No Bright Lights

    No Bright Lights gives an up close and personal profile of Networks Romania, a Christian relief organization reaching out to some of Romania’s poorest people. In a shifting social and political environment, many Romanian children find themselves abandoned to the streets where they experience extreme poverty and injustice. Networks Romania ...

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  • In A Still Small Voice

    In A Still Small Voice

    Are we really asking the “big questions” or have our lives, in an age of mass media accelerated beyond our ability to stop and reflect? In a Still Small Voice challenges us to ask questions about art and life in the context of what it means to be truly human ...

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  • People of Faith - 2 DVD Set

    People of Faith - 2 DVD Set

    Is America now or has it ever been a Christian Nation?
    What is the meaning of separation of church and state?
    How can the church be a faithful Gospel witness in a pluralistic society?
    What will the church look like in the future?
    People of Faith: Christianity in America brings ...

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  • Taking the Hill

    Taking the Hill

    Forty years after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Pastor Raul Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. His struggle motivated him to find three of his closest comrades, men who had fought along side him in the Marine Corp unit ALPHA 1/7:Pete Cicatelli, Tom Kamagtaris and Pete ...

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  • Biblical Call: 3 DVD Set

    Biblical Call: 3 DVD Set

    Human trafficking and sexual abuse are real problems in all parts of the world, even our own neighborhoods. As Christians, we have a responsibility to help those who are in need. Hosted by Biblical Seminary and presented by professionals in the field, this DVD seminar addresses those pertinent issues.
    DISC ...

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  • I Beheld His Glory

    I Beheld His Glory

    Set in the days immediately following the crucifixion, a Roman centurion tells the story of Christ’s last days on earth from his unique perspective. This hardened soldier’s life was forever changed when he beheld the glory of the risen Christ.

    This classic 1952 production, in the vein of the traditional ...

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  • Loneliness - Elisabeth Elliot

    Loneliness - Elisabeth Elliot

    It can be a wilderness. It can be a pathway to God.

    Writing from her own experience as a widow, as well as a single missionary in the jungles of Ecuador, Elisabeth Elliot sensitively explores loneliness which she believes has reached "epidemic" proportions in today's fragmented and transient age ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Messiah - George Frideric Handel's

    Messiah - George Frideric Handel's

    Just days before the event, Curtain Call Productions was alerted by its friends in Israel that the Upper Galilee Choir and Ranaana Symphonette Orchestra would be performing Handel's Messiah at Tabgha, the traditional site of Jesus Christ's miracle of feeding the five thousand along the Sea of Galilee ...

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  • Blessing Europe - Legacy of the Celtic Saints

    Blessing Europe - Legacy of the Celtic Saints

    Join Rainer Wälde as he sets out on a fascinating journey through Europe on the trail of the Celtic saints. Discover the origins of Christianity in Ireland and journey with the Irish monks as they embark on their great adventure through France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.
    Following the ...

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  • Tabernacle, The

    Tabernacle, The

    Have you ever imagined being inside the Holy Tabernacle, the Old Testament place of God's dwelling, the meeting place of perfect God and sinful man? The Tabernacle Special Edition DVD brings this holy place to life as never before. Digitally re-mastered and re-edited to include additional scenes and bonus ...

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  • Missions Dilemma

    Missions Dilemma

    The Missions Dilemma is a 7-session series that examines the current model of North American missions and compares it to the Biblical approach that Christ modeled for us. Our goal in this series is to provide anyone interested in missions with the opportunity to understand what our role in the ...

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  • Messianic Jews

    Messianic Jews

    Messianic Jews - why should I care? Documentary about what God is doing among and through the Messianic Believers in Israel. Biblical prophecy was fulfilled in 1948, when Israel finally became an internationally-recognized state.  It was God himself who returned their homeland to the Jews.  These have been overcome by partial blindness, at least until ...

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