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  • Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker's Christmas

    Go Look in the Manger / The Candy Maker's Christmas

    Go Look in the Manger -- Based on a true story, Go Look in the Manger is a wonderful tale of a Christmas gone by. Colorful illustrations, new and familiar songs, and a nostalgic setting are sure to make viewing this original story a holiday tradition. To eight-year-old Ricky Meyer, the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Alone In The Dark

    Alone In The Dark

    A gripping eye-opener for teenagers! Giving in to peer pressure—and against her parents' wishes—seventeen-year-old Tasha Grant goes to a party and gets drunk. When Tasha takes the wheel, the alcohol has made her so sleepy she is unaware of the life-threatening danger ahead. Through the help of a concerned friend, Tasha comes to see the potentially devastating choices she's made. This suspenseful half-hour drama for youth depicts the lethal dangers of alcohol and shows how our actions have consequences.

    AUD $14.95

  • Jesus: Who Do Men Say That I Am?

    Jesus: Who Do Men Say That I Am?

    At this hour millions would die for Him! Why? Who is this unforgettable one called Jesus? Is there any other like Him in all history? Is He the king of kings? Was He a man of miracles, a religious rebel, a self-deluded misfit? Do people today think of Him as ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Hildegard


    Hildegard of Bingen was one of the most remarkable women of the Middle Ages—an Abbess and woman of God, a visionary, naturalist, playwright, political moralist, and composer. Born in 1098, she was beset by the most extraordinary religious visions from the age of eight-visions which she wrote down, painted, dramatized ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Last Supper

    Last Supper

    Filmed and dramatized entirely on authentic locations of the Holy Land and in the Middle east, this is the most elaborate and extensive film availible on the last supper. Jesus met with his twelve disciples in the "upper room" in Jerusalem, where they shared that historic meal. It was the ...

    AUD $8.00 (was $10)

  • Zamzam


    Eyewitness accounts of a gripping, true story of faith, hope and adventure on the high seas from World War II. An old Egyptian passenger liner carried 144 missionaries from 20 denominations bound for mission work in Africa. The Nazi warship Tamesis mistakenly identified it as an enemy ship and shelled ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Dear Distant Dad

    Dear Distant Dad

    An Epidemic is ravaging our nation and young people. The human damage is incalcuable. The emotional well-being and health of a multitude of children and teenagers are at risk. It's the epidemic of "distant Dads." What do teenagers want and need from their fathers? In this video teenagers open ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Not Without Hope

    Not Without Hope

    Not Without hope is the story of that picks up after events fade from the public eye. Tragedies remain, the next day and the next. People must pick up their broken lives. It's about hope when it seems there's nothing left to hope for. This film show how ...

    AUD $14.95

  • History Of Orthodox Christianity

    History Of Orthodox Christianity

    This ambitious project is designed to be the most detailed worldwide television presentation of the Orthodox Church, Her traditions, and Her sacramental life. The programs, produced in English and Greek, will serve as an educational tool for the Christian Orthodox Church in addressing the needs of a world-dispersed audience, and ...

    AUD $32.95

  • Unexpected Healing

    Unexpected Healing

    As seen on BBC TV. The story of Jennifer Rees Larcombe, a well-known Christian author whose life was shattered when a severe viral infection left her disabled and dependant on a wheelchair in 1982.

    AUD $17.95

  • Willing to Believe R.C. Sproul

    Willing to Believe R.C. Sproul

    In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the question: Does salvation ultimately depend on man's decision or on God's sovereign choice? Many believe that we are totally free to choose salvation. In willing To Believe, R.C. shows that man's will is not free but in ...

    AUD $49.95

  • An Empire conquered

    An Empire conquered

    Filmed in the "eternal city" of Rome. This documentrary tells of heroic early martyrs. It looks at five such Christians who lived in Rome during those turbulent years - Augustus, Clement, Cecilia, Apollonius, and Agnes. Narrated by the Emmy Award-winning actor, Joseph Campanella, the film also includes a number of dramatic ...

    AUD $14.95

  • China Cry: The True Story of Nora Lam

    China Cry: The True Story of Nora Lam

    Her Story is wrapped up within one of the most incredible marvels in all world history: how the Christian church survived under repressive atheistic communism in China. But it did more than survive. It thrived and multiplied. We can better understand these heroic Chinese Christians through Nora's story. Adopted ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $24.95)

  • Story of the English Bible

    Story of the English Bible

    The story of the English Bible is a drama that spans over 300 years from 1300 AD to early 1600 AD. It is a well documented page of British history drenched in blood. It is a story of inhuman torture, relieved only by being burned to death. The fires left ...

    AUD $16.95

  • Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

    Trial and Testimony of the Early Church

    Discover Christianity before it had the organisation, trappings, and divisions of the modern church. What happened after the events that we know about from the New Testament? How did the Christian faith survive, spread, and take root throughout the whole Roman Empire? These six programs take you to the actual ...

    AUD $39.95

  • C.H. Spurgeon Tonight

    C.H. Spurgeon Tonight

    Charles H. Spurgeon (1839-1892) was one of the greatest preachers of all of church history! He baptized over 10,000 persons, founded an orphanage for 500 children, established a pastor's college, fostered hundreds of churches, operated 21 city missions halls, and gathered 6,000 hearers twice each Sunday for ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Radicals


    The year is 1525. Michael and Margaretha Sattler have fled their religious orders. Their quest: restore the church to the purity of its early days when communities of believers practiced peace, compassion and sacrificial love. The Sattlers join a group called the Anabaptists and together challenge the 1000 year control ...

    AUD $17.95

  • God's Outlaw William Tyndale

    God's Outlaw William Tyndale

    A true story, God's Outlaw is about international politics, church intrigue, cold-blooded betrayal, and false justice ending in a criminal's death. But it's also about victorious faith and spiritual triumph over some of the greatest political and religious forces known in the 16th century. A simple God-seeking ...

    AUD $10.00 (was $14.95)

  • Life Flight

    Life Flight

    Evangelistic in content and geared to all ages, Life Flight is an action-packed program about finding meaning in life. A spine-tingling adventure about people trying to make sense of their lives–from the Vietnam veteran, scarred by war, to the idealistic flight nurse battling the bureaucracy and the administrator balancing lives ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Thin Ice

    Thin Ice

    Vince, a college student, loves the mountains, skiing and fun, so an invitation to Lake Tahoe is a no-brainer......However, the trip includes people from a church group, and six strong sets of opinions about God soon collide. Vince's weekend of fun is threatened as tensions rise and sparks ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Touch of The Masters Hand, The

    Touch of The Masters Hand, The

    From the room, far back, a gray-haired man Came forward and picked up the bow; Then, wiping the dust from the old violin, And tightening the loose strings, He played a melody pure and sweet As a caroling angel sings. The music ceased, and the auctioneer, With a voice that ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Cry For Freedom (1986 Classic)

    Cry For Freedom (1986 Classic)

    A Cry For Freedom takes a honest, sometimes startling, look at the drug problem, asking the questions that our youth are asking. No longer are just the "down-and-outers" caught on dangerous and frequently deadly habit, but all ages and all groups are affected. No one seems safe, from athletic heroes ...

    AUD $12.95

  • A Long Way Home (1986 Classic)

    A Long Way Home (1986 Classic)

    Amid the splendour of breath-taking scenery, relive the pain, anguish, and final victory as a firstborn son, restless, bored and yearning for a lie in the fast lane, leaves home for the big cities of Europe. Experience a father's warning: "Man has choices. But often he acts like a ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Hus, John

    Hus, John

    Here is an important chapter in the steps leading up to the Reformation. The history books make little mention of this Bohemian priest and scholar who lived 100 years before Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Yet, John Hus was convinced and taught openly that the Bible should be presented ...

    AUD $12.95

  • The Fourth Wise Man

    The Fourth Wise Man

    Based on Henry van Dyke's classic, The Story of the Other Wise Man, this fictional story set in Biblical times is told in gently comic terms. A Magi named Artaban (Martin Sheen) sees a sign in the heavens that he hopes will lead him and his faithful servant to ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Third Cry

    Third Cry

    Mike and Sherry grew up together and married while in college. Theirs was a storybook romance. That is, until their greatest joy turns into a night-mare that is more than they can handle. Their first child is born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetically inherited disease that clogs the airways in ...

    AUD $12.95

  • John Wycliffe

    John Wycliffe

    "John Wycliffe" is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time. Wycliffe found himself in the middle of religious, political and social conflicts. An Oxford scholar, one of Europe's most renowned philosophers, he was ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Harvest (1983 Classic)

    Harvest (1983 Classic)

    The Harvest is the dramatic story of healing brought to a family on the brink of domestic destruction. At 42 Quentin Overby is a failure. He's been trying in vain to keep his failing car business alive. The stress and frustrations of his work, especially with the long hours ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. Memories & Perspectives

    Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. Memories & Perspectives

    For those who want a close and intimate portrait of Bonhoeffer. This video follows the life of the martyred theologian as vividly recalled by those closest to him: his friends, family, and students. Included are Bonhoeffer family photographs that have never been shown before. An emotionally wrenching documentary that probes ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Visitor (1982 Classic)

    Visitor (1982 Classic)

    The Visitor - Based on Tolstoy's short story "Where Love Is," the film tells the story of a cobbler named Martin and his struggle with a personal tragedy. A good husband an a devoted father, Martin loses his wife and son in a tragic automobile crash. The loss leaves him ...

    AUD $12.95

  • First Fruits

    First Fruits

    In 1732, two young Moravians left their comfortable community of Hernhut, Germany, convinced that they were called of God to bring the Gospel to the slaves in the West Indies. They went, willing to become slaves if necessary, to minister to these oppressed people. The Moravians pioneered a mission movement ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Years of the Beast (1981 Classic)

    Years of the Beast (1981 Classic)

    A fast moving feature-length dramatic film portraying the events of the book of Revelation, this powerful story explores the end times with realistic characters and prophetic accuracy. Experience a society where money is worthless, food is scarce, your neighbor is your enemy and opression reigns. Watch the ultimate forces of ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Beyond the Next Mountain

    Beyond the Next Mountain

    At the close of the 19th century, the British branded the Hmar people of northeast India as "the worst headhunters." It was a label well deserved at the time. But in 1910, a single copy of the New Testament Gospel of John came into this village and changed the course ...

    AUD $14.95

  • One Who Was There

    One Who Was There

    Mary Magdalene's past experience helps her face an uncertain future. Noted actress Maureen O'Sullivan portrays Mary Magdalene travelling from Jerusalem to Galilee in AD 64. This lonely survivor is one of the few left who saw Jesus arrested and crucified. The passage of time has left her haunted ...

    AUD $8.00 (was 12.95)

  • Shiokari Pass

    Shiokari Pass

    Shiokari Pass is a true story of love - a very special God-given love that asked a man to choose between his life and the lives of others.
    Set in turn-of-the-century Japan, the story centres around a young man who became a Christian at the expense of his relationships with his ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Seven Alone

    Seven Alone

    Based on a true story, Seven Alone is an inspiring saga of heroism and a family’s perseverance in the rugged Old West. On a harrowing 2,000 mile trek across America from Missouri to the Oregon coast, the death of their parents leaves these gallant youngsters alone and facing nearly ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Heidi


    The made-for-television version of Johanna Spyri's family classic Heidi (Jennifer Edwards), a young orphan girl, is sent to live with her grandfather (Michael Redgrave) in the beautiful Swiss Alps. The gruff and bitter old man views Heidi at first as an ill-mannered child and an unwanted responsibility, but he ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Through Gates of Splendor

    Through Gates of Splendor

    One of the most gripping missionary sagas of our time. Five missionaries went into the land of the savage Aucas. Their offer of friendship was rejected, and the Aucas killed the missionaries. Elisabeth Elliot, wife of one of the martyrs, her daughter and Rachel Saint would not give up and ...

    AUD $12.95

  • GFA Missions Collection

    GFA Missions Collection

    The Gospel Films Archive is a multi-volume collection of rare and vintage Christian dramas and documentaries produced throughout the 20th century by independent Christian producers as well as major Hollywood studios. The GFA Missions Collection documents the profoundly important pioneer work of individuals and organisations in missionary fields worldwide.

    AUD $14.95

  • GFA Family Films Collection

    GFA Family Films Collection

    The Gospel Films Archive is a multi-volume collection of rare and vintage Christian dramas and documentaries produced throughout the 20th century by independent Christian producers as well as major Hollywood studios. The GFA Family Films Collection features films by entrepreneur Sam Hersh who founded Family Films in 1946 to create spiritually driven entertainment for the entire family. Top Hollywood talent enhances these four inspired short films created between 1951 and 1961.

    AUD $14.95