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  • Jeremy's Egg

    Jeremy's Egg

    Jeremy's Egg was inspired by Ida Mae Kempel's award-winning, internationally published, true short story, "What Was in Jeremy's Egg?" Filmmaker Steve Viall brings you this family feature combining the heart of a classic tale with the adrenaline-pumping action found in the life of a Navy fighter pilot ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Window, The

    Window, The

    With the city hospital packed with patients, two unlikely roommates find themselves sharing a space just large enough for two beds and a window. Blake Cain is a bitter man who has hit rock bottom. Partially paralysed and haunted by mysterious dreams from his past, his only desire is to ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Martyrs' Cry, The

    Martyrs' Cry, The

    James Jeda, a Sudanese boy; Ruth, a Vietnamese Hmong girl; Rikka, an Indonesian teenager. They live in different parts of the world, they have grown up in different cultures, but they share one thing in common. They are more than conquerors in some of the worst persecution known to man ...

    AUD $14.95

  • The Bedbug Bible Gang: Christmas Show!

    The Bedbug Bible Gang: Christmas Show!

    Hello! And welcome to the Bedbug Bible Gang Christmas Show! The bedbugs have been busy learning their lines for their biggest show of the year--a show all about Jesus' birthday! You're sure to enjoy hearing the bedbugs tell the stories of Mary's Surprise, The Wise Men, and The ...

    AUD $9.95

  • Growing Older Gracefully

    Growing Older Gracefully

    Growing older is part of the dues we all inevitably pay for the privilege of continuing as a guest on this Earth. For some it represents a dreaded burden. But it doesn't have to be. Start early enough to prepare for it , and growing older can be full of ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Luther Legacy

    Luther Legacy

    Luther Legacy from Lutheran Film Associates is four leader-friendly programs packaged on one DVD, each a quarter-hour presentation. When followed by discussion, these teaching tools can help participants to discover what the legacy of Martin Luther and the Reformation is and how it helps to shape the faith of Christian ...

    AUD $16.95

  • Galloping Through the Gospels

    Galloping Through the Gospels

    A fast-moving exploration of all the major sites featured in the Gospels. Starting with the Annunciation, David Nunn follows through the Gospel drama chronologically, providing fascinating and illuminating insights into the life of Jesus. From Bethlehem, David takes us to Nazareth and its surrounding terrain, which witnessed so much of ...

    AUD $14.95

  • William Carey Candle in the Dark Book DVD pack

    William Carey Candle in the Dark Book DVD pack

    William Carey Candle in the Dark Book DVD pack. 'the father of modern missions'. He sailed in 1793 to India with a reluctant wife and four children. There he encountered much hardship. But he simply refused to quit, even when a devastating fire destroyed years of literary work. Carey stayed ...

    AUD $22.95

  • Silencing The Devil Sproul & Gerstner

    Silencing The Devil Sproul & Gerstner

    "We cannot know that God exists," is something you thought would never be uttered from the mouth of Dr. R.C. Sproul. In this series, this statement, along with other assertions, are made by Dr. Sproul defying the possibility of knowing God as well as the existence of God. In ...

    AUD $24.95

  • Sex, Love and Relationships, Abridged Version

    Sex, Love and Relationships, Abridged Version

    Before a teen audience, Pam Stenzel gives a powerful presentation on sex, love and relationships. Teenagers love Pam Stenzel because she tells it to them straight, mincing no words in showing how the pervasive sexual permissiveness of our culture is a deceptive trap. Every young person should have the benefit ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Sex, Love and Relationships

    Sex, Love and Relationships

    Teenagers have been betrayed! They have not been told the whole truth about the consequences of sexual activity, experimentation and permissiveness. Teenagers love Pam Stenzel because she tells it to them straight, mincing no words in showing how the pervasive sexual permissiveness of our culture is a deceptive trap. Every ...

    AUD $34.95

  • Mother Teresa - Seeing the Face of Jesus

    Mother Teresa - Seeing the Face of Jesus

    " Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me. " Mother Teresa always remembered these words of Jesus. She said that she saw the face of Jesus in the face of each sick and dying person she helped. She asked the whole world to look for Jesus' face ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Grasping for the Wind

    Grasping for the Wind

    Humanity's search for Meaning. A series every young person should see. This stimulating seven-part series shows what has happened to our culture over the past 200 years and how we view life today. The implication for our future and your life are enormous and unavoidable. Winner of the World ...

    AUD $29.95

  • Paul the Emissary

    Paul the Emissary

    The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire. But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Candle in the Dark

    Candle in the Dark

    He sailed in 1793 to India with a reluctant wife and four children to bring the message of Jesus. There he encountered so much hardship it is amazing he didn't abandon his mission and go home. But he stayed for over 40 years. One issue that tormented him was ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Wimpy Prophet, A - Ken Davis

    Wimpy Prophet, A - Ken Davis

    Moses wasn’t exactly enthusiastic at the burning bush. When God called him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he came up with five excuses. The funny thing is that those excuses are the same ones used by Christians everywhere in answering God’s call. With his trademark, side-splitting style, Ken ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Touch of Plass, A

    Touch of Plass, A

    Adrian Plass is a well-loved Christian Humourist and author of many books which have become best-sellers around the world. His lovingly satirical observation of modern Christianity has found a home in the hearts of believers of all denominations. This fly on the wall documentary goes behind the scenes as he ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Somewhere Forever

    Somewhere Forever

    How to be sure Heaven will be your eternal home. This thought-provoking program is an excellent evangelistic tool and discussion starter. It explores the lives of three individuals who consider where they will spend eternity. The program emphasizes that if we were able to get to Heaven on our own ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Faith Under Fire

    Faith Under Fire

    This program brings to life interviews with Christians who face persecution head-on. You will meet Zahid, once a persecutor of Christians until God gave him a "road to Damascus" experience and allowed his faith to grow under persecution in his Muslim homeland. You will visit China and learn of the ...

    AUD $14.95

  • Martin!  God Loves You

    Martin! God Loves You

    Martin! God Loves You visualizes the story of Martin Luther's life especially for youngsters. Children will discover a person much like themselves, as Martin grows up and discovers the miracle of love freely-given revealed in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. Featuring lighthearted illustrations and dramatic narration, this retelling ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Victory At Jerusalem

    Victory At Jerusalem

    Jesus Christ — arrested, betrayed, abandoned, spit upon, beaten, cursed, scourged and finally crucified. But that was only the beginning of the story. Three days later Jesus rose from the grave, just as he said he would. Discover the wonder, majesty and worship embodied in his sacrificial death and resurrection ...

    AUD $12.00 (was 14.95)

  • Paul Apostle Of Grace

    Paul Apostle Of Grace

    This exploration takes you to the actual places Paul visited, it will inspire and enlighten you. The Bible will come alive when you see what it was like when - and where - the earthshaking events in its pages occurred.

    AUD $17.95

  • All The Children Ought To Know

    All The Children Ought To Know

    Elementary and pre-school children will enjoy singing along with this up-beat video time and time again. The captivating visuals and great musical arrangements make learning songs fun and easy. Selections include: Everybody Ought to Know (Who Jesus Is) / Rocka My Soul / Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho / Rise and Shine ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Making Tough Moral Decisions

    Making Tough Moral Decisions

    Making Tough Decisions

    AUD $29.95

  • Revolutionary: Epic Version

    Revolutionary: Epic Version

    The glorious story of the life and ministry of Jesus is powerfully portrayed in this edition of "The Relvolutionary: Epic Version," which combines "The Revolutionary parts 1 & 2," with new additional footage. From his birth to his death and ascension, you will retrace Jesus' footsteps and see his miracles ...

    AUD $10.00 (was 14.95)

  • Babylon - Past, Present and Future

    Babylon - Past, Present and Future

    Bible history and prophecy depict Babylon as a social, economic and religious power. The Bible portrays Babylon as a woman riding a seven-headed, 10-horned beast described as "Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth." (Revelation 17:5). Babylon has fascinated countless people ...

    AUD $19.95

  • Testament - David and Saul

    Testament - David and Saul

    From the Testament: The Bible in Animation series.
    Power and humility are personified in the story of mighty King Saul and the humble shepherd boy David. The base and the glorious emotions of this stirring tale are vividly depicted by drawn animation.

    AUD $12.95

  • Hanged on a Twisted Cross

    Hanged on a Twisted Cross

    Biblical theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by the Nazis just days before the Allies defeated Germany in World War II. This gripping documentary narrated by Ed Asner captures the life, times, and thought of Bonhoeffer. Using rare archival footage, documents, and visits to original locations, we get an intimate portrait ...

    AUD $17.95

  • Testament the Bible in Animation - Abraham

    Testament the Bible in Animation - Abraham

    Animated When God told Abraham that he and his wife Sarah would have a son, Abraham was astounded, for Sarah was long past child-bearing age, but God assigned to Abraham the honor of being the "father of many nations". A colourful medley of animation techniques breathes new life into the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Creation & The Flood

    Testament-Creation & The Flood

    Animated Children's Bible Story Noah's Ark and the Fall in the Garden of Eden are woven together in this absorbing version of two familiar stories. When the Flood comes, Noah and his family begin life in the Ark, and as the storm rages outside, Noah plays storyteller, weaving ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Daniel


    Animated Children's Bible Story Political intrigue and unwavering faith are the cornerstone of the story of Daniel, held captive for many years under the Babylonian kings. Much loved and respected by the conqueror, King Darius, who appointed him governor, Daniel provoked great jealousy among the court advisers. Divine love ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Elijah


    Animated Children's Bible Story It is always difficult to be an outsider, but Elijah's plight as a sole, persecuted prophet of God took true faith to overcome. Alone in bringing people to the true God, he had to prove that the prophets of Baal were false, incurring the ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Jonah


    Animated Children's Bible Story The gentle humour of this wonderful tale of the bad tempered prophet is given full rein here. Jonah's flat refusal to preach the word of the Lord to the people of Nineveh leads to his upsetting an entire boatful of sailors, and being unceremoniously ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament the Bible in Animation -Joseph

    Testament the Bible in Animation -Joseph

    Animated Children's Bible Story Joseph's privileged status as favourite son was shattered when his jealous brothers sold him into slavery. Through suffering and betrayal in Egypt, Joseph kept his faith in God. Model animation proves to be the perfect medium for the high drama and humour of this ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Moses


    Animated Children's Bible Story All the elements of great drama are found in the stirring tale of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, thwarting the Pharaoh's wrath to search for a land flowing with milk and honey. Drawn animation is the perfect medium for the dramatic tone ...

    AUD $12.95

  • Testament-Ruth


    Animated Children's Bible Story This is the story of a woman whose name has become synonymous with love and fidelity. The grace and simplicity of Ruth's story are conveyed perfectly by wonderful model animation.

    AUD $12.95

  • Cross and the Switchblade

    Cross and the Switchblade

    Starring Pat Boone as David Wilkerson and Eric Estrada as Nicky Cruz. Remastered to DVD Special 25thAnniversary Edition. Although the original events depicted in this classic from the drug infested, gang dominated streets happened over thirty years ago, the life-changing solution that David Wilkerson brought to desperate lives was just ...

    AUD $10.00

  • Passion In Jerusalem - The Easter Story

    Passion In Jerusalem - The Easter Story

    Take a visit to the very places where the climactic events in Jesus' life took place! The Easter story and the great events which led to the crucifixion and the resurrection are dramatically presented with passion and joy. This production is filmed on all the traditional locations associated with the ...

    AUD $8.00 (was 12.95)

  • Discovering the Bible

    Discovering the Bible

    Four half-hour programs to introduce the Bible Program 1: Getting Acquainted It's the all-time best-seller since the beginning of printing. It has produced passionate controversy for centuries. What is the book that is like none other in the history of the world? Where did it come from? What does ...

    AUD $24.95

  • Reformation Overview

    Reformation Overview

    Reformation Overview Study GuideReformation Overview PlayReformation Overview Workbook Get the latest version of Adobe Reader to view these files. Based on the Gateway Films/Vision Video church history film series, these six half-hour programs vividly bring to life the Reformation, its colorful leaders, and history-shaping turning points. 1. John Wycliffe ...

    AUD $39.95