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  • Searching Generation

    Searching Generation

    The Searching Generation is a documentary film about two generations: Generation X and Millennials. Its provocative yet contemplative tone seeks to open a dialogue between traditional religious communities and the emergent generation. The filmmakers explore the same questions among twenty-somethings of Europe and the U.S., as well as among ...

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  • Journey Into the Unknown (Hanneke van Dam)

    Journey Into the Unknown (Hanneke van Dam)

    Hanneke is working as a child psychologist at the courthouse in Amsterdam. One day she is convinced that she has heard God's voice to give up her job, leave everything behind and move to Mongolia. Mongolia? She did not even know where to find it on the map! This ...

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  • Azusa Street Project

    Azusa Street Project

    In 1906, William J. Seymour, a one-eyed black pastor from Louisiana, son of a slave, journeyed by train from Houston to Los Angeles, only to be locked out of the church that sent for him. He turned to prayer and God's answer was The Azusa Street Revival. It shook ...

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  • Herod's Temple

    Herod's Temple

    Jerusalem, rich in historical and Biblical heritage, is the home of the Temple Mount, one of the world's most recognizable and visited sacred sites. Now, travel back in time to see it the way Jesus and his disciples did over 2,000 years ago. They knew it as Herod ...

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  • Obstacle to Comfort- George Muller

    Obstacle to Comfort- George Muller

    The Faith Ministry of George Muller This details the life and ministry of George Muller, who spent 63 years, in True faith ministry. Where God really supplied all the needs for this remarkable man.

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  • Where Facts and Fiction Meet (Da Vinci Code)

    Where Facts and Fiction Meet (Da Vinci Code)

    Who is the real Jesus? Did the church in the fourth century change the true message of the Gospel? Was Jesus married? What are the Gnostic Gospels? Did Leonardo Da Vinci plant secret messages in his paintings? These and other questions are answered in this fascinating Bible-based video comparing the ...

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  • Man With A Mission - William Tyndale

    Man With A Mission - William Tyndale

    Here is a captivating interview with renowned Tyndale scholar Dr. David Daniell, author of the authoritative William Tyndale: A Biography. In this program, Dr. Daniell shares fascinating insights into many little-know details of Tyndale's life and how he followed his call from God to make the Scriptures available in ...

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  • Making Choices: The Dutch Resistance During WW11

    Making Choices: The Dutch Resistance During WW11

    Explore the dramatic wartime lives of four Dutch citizens who took a stand to protect Jews and resist the overwhelming power of the Nazis during World War II. This inspiring documentary tells their stories of fear and courage, danger and faith as they put their lives on the line to ...

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  • Till My Last Breath

    Till My Last Breath

    In this inspiring documentary, you will witness unique footage of the impact of one man's faith and what God can do when one obeys His call. Sunday's courage has an effect that no one dared to dream of: it changed the hearts of thousands of people. As a ...

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  • Bartholomew's Gift

    Bartholomew's Gift

    An inspiring story of how one young man coped with his severe disability. Bartholomew Gee was born with arthrogryposis — a rare disability affecting muscles and joints. His parents believe Bartholomew is a gift from God who is also highly gifted musically. Using footage filmed when Bartholomew was eight, and ...

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  • Indestructible Book

    Indestructible Book

    The Indestructible Book - Retrace the historic path of God's word from Mt Sinai to Plymouth Rock. Meet scholars, teachers and missionaries whose passionate faith preserved the Indestructible book. 4 parts on 2 DVDs Approx 4hrs. Hosted by Ken Connolly-International Baptist Missions How the Bible Began A Bible for the ...

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  • Overlord: A Mighty Host

    Overlord: A Mighty Host

    On June 6, 1944, the greatest military operation in the history of the world succeeded in landing more than 150,000 Allied troops on the beaches of northern France. Before the battle of Normandy was won in late August, these troops endured some of the most costly fighting of World ...

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  • Warriors Of Honor

    Warriors Of Honor

    The Revolutionary War united America. Less than one hundred years later a bloody Civil War divided it. Most Americans believe that Southerners fought to preserve slavery; however a much deeper divide existed between the North and South. Two drastically different cultures had emerged on the American landscape. This documentary places ...

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  • Fierce Goodbye

    Fierce Goodbye

    Over four million people a year in the U.S. mourn the tragic suicide deaths of family members. Suicide devastates family members for many years; family survivors are at a greater risk of suicide themselves and the pain ripples out to entire communities. In this video, family survivors reveal their ...

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  • Footsteps of Goliath

    Footsteps of Goliath

    Is the famous story really true? Did young David actually slay the giant Goliath with a slingshot? Did giants actually walk the earth? Find out in Footsteps of Goliath. The filmmakers themselves pieced together clues from the Lands of the Bible and brought them together in the most complete view ...

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  • MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    MISSION God at Work, Faith in Action

    This original series of documentary-style magazine shows was created as a prime-time series by FaithTV for airing on the Sky Angel satellite and many other cable outlets across America. It features stories of God's work taking place on nearly every continent around the world. Hosts for the series are ...

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  • Exploring Biblical Jordan

    Exploring Biblical Jordan

    More and more discoveries are being made in the land of Jordan related to the actual places where some of the greatest Bible events took place! Journey with us in this compelling video in which Bible events come to life. Follow the adventures of Lot, as he fled from Sodom ...

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  • From One Blood

    From One Blood

    Afrikaner Gerrit Wolfaardt was born into prejudice. Everything he had been taught since childhood - from his family, his church and his culture, told him that apartheid, or separateness, was right and natural. He became a self-proclaimed disciple of Hitler, and hatched a diabolical plan to rid South Africa of the ...

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  • Mama Heidi

    Mama Heidi

    If you ever wondered if caring people can make a difference in this world, then be sure to see this program. In 1994, Heidi and Rolland Baker arrive in Mozambique amidst the hard times following the Mozambique Civil War. Even the Red Cross trucks were not safe and were bombed ...

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  • Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    Sue Thomas Breaking The Sound Barrier

    You know of her through the TV series "Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye." Now here is the rest you didn't know, and her story is sure to capture a place in your heart. When only 18 months old, Sue suffered a total loss of hearing. Her parents determined to ...

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  • Yali Story

    Yali Story

    This is the story of a community of Stone-Age people living in the mountain jungles of Papua, (formerly called Irian Jaya). Until the 1960s, this unique culture existed without any idea of a world beyond their own isolated villages. The Yali were cannibals, warriors, and lived in fear of evil ...

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  • In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

    In the Footsteps of Martin Luther

    T.N. Mohan, directer of the multiple award winning film on Dietrich Bonhoffer, "Hanged on a twisted Cross", returned to Germany to film "In The Footsteps Of Martin Luther." He introduces Germany as the land of the Reformation, by featuring ten Luther towns which represent the most significant stages in ...

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  • All About Jesus: Who is Jesus and What if Jesus had Never Been Born

    All About Jesus: Who is Jesus and What if Jesus had Never Been Born

    Includes two of the most compelling presentations ever produced about the life and influence of Jesus, on one DVD. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actor Dean Jones and hosted by Dr. James Kennedy, this documentary-style presentation features a wide variety of locations and expert interviews and uncovers fascinating answers to hard questions ...

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  • Solomon's Temple

    Solomon's Temple

    An extraordinary journey through the temple, promised to David, fulfilled in Solomon. The place where it was built in ancient times was considered the center of the world. In many ways it has continued to be a center of history. Today it continues as a center of great reverence as ...

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  • Glory to God Alone

    Glory to God Alone

    Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) lived his whole life in Germany and in music. This video is his story, unfolded from the very places where his key life events took place. It is Bach for beginners, in the sense that young people who may never yet heard of him will find ...

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  • Sex as God's Gift

    Sex as God's Gift

    Mary Rona talks straight and plain. Kids love her, listen to her and respond. Produced especially for 14 to 15 year olds, these programs help them to think through in advance decisions related to sex. This challenges young people to understand sex as a valuable gift, something special and meaningful ...

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  • Life of Katie Luther - The Morning Star of Wittenberg

    Life of Katie Luther - The Morning Star of Wittenberg

    This documentary provides an intimate look st Katharina von Bora, former nun, 16th century entrepreneur and wife of Martin Luther, father of the Protestant Reformation. It is an in-depth look at the life of a woman who helped Luther change the course of history. We learn how she coped with ...

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  • Opening the Door to Luther

    Opening the Door to Luther

    Open the door to Martin Luther with public television travel host Rick Steves. He takes us to areas of Germany known as Lutherlands. From Eisleben, where Luther was born, to Wittenberg where he taught and preached, and to several other areas, we learn about the tumultuous events of the Reformation ...

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  • Gift Of Hope

    Gift Of Hope

    Although he has no arms, his spirit soars, inspiring others with his music and his courage. Tony Meléndez may have been born without arms, but that hasn't stopped him from enjoying life to the fullest. Tony was born with this birth defect in 1962 as a result of his ...

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  • Test Of Time

    Test Of Time

    Jesus walked this earth a long time ago and uttered things like none other ever did before or since. His teachings had drawn more adherents than any other. But what about today in a scientific post-modern world? Do his teachings make any sense and offer any hope for the desperate ...

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  • Teen Relationships - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

    Teen Relationships - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

    Teens are desperately searching for love. The media manipulates them with much misinformation and outright lies on male/female matters. This video presents a Christian perspective on sex and reveals to teens the reasons for pre-marital abstinence. It focuses not only on the physical, but also reveals the male/female ...

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  • Hard Questions, Straight Answers - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

    Hard Questions, Straight Answers - Jason Evert - Ellen Marie

    At a recent seminar for high school students dealing with sex and relationships from a Christian perspective, Jason Evert, M.A. took the guys aside and Ellen Marie, M.S., took the girls aside for separate sessions where participants could ask any question they wanted related to this important subject ...

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  • Journey Toward Forgiveness

    Journey Toward Forgiveness

    This hour-long documentary powerfully demonstrates that those who are able to embark on a process towards forgiveness -- though heartrending and difficult -- find it to be the path to inner healing. Stories include: • An Enemy Worse than Death — With the abduction and murder of their 13-year-old daughter, Wilma and ...

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  • Prisoners of Hope

    Prisoners of Hope

    In August, 1964, an American pilot was shot downn and captured by the North Vietnamese. In the following years of the Vietnam conflict, hundreds of American prisoners of war were interrogated, starved and tourtured in Communist prisons. Prisoners of Hope presents the experiences of ten of these individuals who were ...

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  • Resurrected Life

    Resurrected Life

    Understand the Meaning of Easter. Filled with artistic images of the Holy Land, soul-stirring music and the wisdom of prominent spiritual teachers from various Christian traditions, The Resurrected Life is a feast for the mind, heart and eyes. This program is designed for viewers of all walks of life who ...

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  • Count Zinzendorf

    Count Zinzendorf

    Once in a while someone comes along who has a profound effect on the course of future history. Count Zinzendorf was one of those remakable people. Born into nobility in 1700, he put aside a life of wealth, politics and privilege to follow God's call. He established a refugee ...

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  • St. Paul in Greece

    St. Paul in Greece

    Host David Nunn takes us to the original locations where the dramatic events of the Book of Acts took place and unfolds the impact of Paul's message of the risen Savior upon those communities. This captivating program explores the route of Paul’s second missionary journey and his adventures along ...

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  • Untold Stories of Columbine

    Untold Stories of Columbine

    Here is an amazing story of hope from the horrific massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, where many innocent lives were lost. One of those was Rachel Joy Scott, mercilessly murdered for her faith in God. Now her death, her story and the courage behind it are ...

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  • Blind Courage: The Unique Genius of Jan Zizka

    Blind Courage: The Unique Genius of Jan Zizka

    Jan Hus was betrayed by the Council of Constance and burned at the stake in 1415. His Bohemian countrymen, however, who became known as the "Hussites," were not ready to accept defeat. An amazing military genius, Jan Zizka (c. 1360-1424), emerged to lead them. He took a handful of peasants ...

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  • Yeshua


    This film uncovers some of the truths about the character, background and personality of Jesus. Journalist Peter Darg and Filmproducer Marc Villiger take the audience on an exciting journey of discovery to Israel.

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