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  • Call to Business

    Call to Business

    For too long the sphere of business has been serving the purposes of mammon rather than building the Kingdom of God. For too long many Christians have felt torn between the passion they feel in their hearts for business and the pressure to be involved in church "activities." Christian commitment ...

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  • Road to Emmaus

    Road to Emmaus

    It is a story that's captivated the imagination of many generations. Mourning the death of Jesus, two first-century travelers were joined by a mysterious stranger. Over the next few hours, the stranger revealed many mysteries that lay hidden in the ancient Scriptures. Soon, the purpose of Jesus’ life became ...

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  • Points Of Light

    Points Of Light

    Host Derick Bingham brings us the amazing stories of five people who changed the world: 180 minutes 5 parts:- C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest storytellers in history -- Traces Lewis's Irish roots, his life as a soldier in WWI and his conversion to Christianity. It also provides the ...

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  • Long Road Back

    Long Road Back

    A prison door clangs shut. The reverberation echoes with immense meaning both for the person locked up and those left on the outside. But the reality is that once offenders have served their terms and leave prison, doors still slam shut. • Feel the heartbreak and the victories as you ...

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  • Sanctuary - Teaching Aids

    Sanctuary - Teaching Aids

    See the Sanctuary as never before with this Special Teachers Edition. Everything you’ll ever need to teach this fascinating subject is on this DVD! This edition includes: • 17-minute instructional DVD using the latest animation and special effects. Enter the Sanctuary with the High Priest and discover its mystery and ...

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  • Assisi in Silence

    Assisi in Silence

    The hidden network by the clergy of Assisi that saved persecuted Jews during WWII.

    During the Second World War, racist laws in Italy forced thousands of Jews to flee their cities in search of safe haven. A few hundred of these refugees, facing dangerous obstacles along the way, reached Assisi ...

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  • Francis and Clare of Assisi

    Francis and Clare of Assisi

    Francis and Clare of Assisi — two figures of the Middle Ages who went against all conventions of the times and whose way of life is still a challenge. With both beautiful photography that takes you to the places frequented by Clare and Francis and original music with medieval melodies ...

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  • Hutterites


    Spiritual cousins of the Mennonites and Amish, the Hutterites live simply with austerity. By a way of life that is supremely communal rather than individualistic, the Hutterites have rid themselves of poverty, homicide and anxiety about the future.

    Production year 2001

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  • Perpetua-Early Church Martyr

    Perpetua-Early Church Martyr

    We journey to ancient Carthage in North Africa to uncover the fascinating true story of a courageous young woman of the early church who dared to claim Jesus as her Lord in the face of Roman opposition. Faced with the risk of death, Perpetua gave up wealth, freedom, and even ...

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  • Cancer Stories

    Cancer Stories

    These intimate, honest, and emotionally moving programs cover the experience of various individuals as they fight their own life and death war against Cancer. The stories are as varied as the people telling them. They include a NASA space engineer, a sports champion, successful career men and women, children and ...

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  • Common Ground

    Common Ground

    Since the start of the Reformation, 500 years ago, Protestants have been at odds with the Catholic Church. But what precisely are the issues that still divide Protestants and Catholics today? Are there areas of theology and practice where the two traditions are in agreement? Pastor Steve Andrews of Kensington ...

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  • Breakthrough


    In 1908 a young English college graduate gave up a potential career and fame to serve as a missionary in the remote regions of China. But after six years, there was little response and the mission needed him elsewhere. What would James O. Fraser do? Breakthrough is a deeply inspiring ...

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  • Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand

    Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand

    Before communism fell in Eastern Europe, Christians were often arrested and kept in prisons or labor camps where the Communists went to great lengths to break their faith. This is the story of a family whose faith endured. Born in Romania, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand became Christians after they were ...

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  • Encounters With John Wesley

    Encounters With John Wesley

    John Wesley set 18th-century Britain on fire with his open-air preaching. The Methodist societies he organized and nurtured grew with phenomenal speed. Encounters with John Wesley brings to life the legendary preacher’s search for faith, his tireless travelling, the violent opposition he faced, and his passionate, single-minded drive ‘to do ...

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  • Journeying With Jesus

    Journeying With Jesus

    Once you've seen this film, reading the gospels will never be the same again! It's like reading them in Technicolor rather than black and white! Events in the life of Jesus leap dramatically from the page when one can visualize their original setting. This brand-new production sweeps us ...

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  • Called


    What am I going to do with my life? It is the profound and decisive question every young person must face. Noted author Frederick Buechner described this program as the point at which one's "deep gladness meets the world's great need." In this film, a wide cross-section of ...

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  • Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer's Disease

    Ask anyone who has been through it: seeing a friend or loved one deteriorate with Alzheimer’s is one of the most painful experiences to behold. Here is help in understanding what is happening. Kimberly R. Kelly talks about Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia followed by the most feared and little known ...

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  • Gladys Aylward

    Gladys Aylward

    Gladys Aylward (1902-1970) may have been small in stature at barely five feet tall, but she was a giant of conviction! Even Hollywood was amazed by her story and made a movie about it, entitled The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. This fascinating documentary presents the events of Gladys' life ...

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  • Healing hands Hurting hearts

    Healing hands Hurting hearts

    "Healing Hands Hurting Hearts" is the story of Emanuel Hospice in Romania. It was born out of a vision to bring the ethos of hospice care to the people of Oradea with life limiting diseases. In this moving documentary we meet some of those whose lives have been deeply affected ...

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  • What Next? Adventures in Retirement

    What Next? Adventures in Retirement

    In the first of three part series, "What Next?-Adventures in Retirement" we meet people who discover that God has plans for their retirement years and their old age. They find out that life can once again be challenging, full of purpose and sometimes surprising.

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  • Integrative Medicine: Cancer and Nutrition

    Integrative Medicine: Cancer and Nutrition

    Integrative Medicine combines conventional medicine with Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It cares for the whole person — mind, body, spirit and emotion. Dr. Monica Myklebust continues her series on Integrative Medicine in this video treating cancer and nutrition as well as other dimensions of addressing cancer with an integrative medical ...

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  • Healing For A Broken World

    Healing For A Broken World

    Many Christians desire to act as responsible citizens but are uncertain how to do so in a truly Christian manner. This series will help. It uses concrete, real-world examples to explore basic biblical principles for guiding our responses to often difficult public policy issues such as poverty, terrorism, and AIDS ...

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  • Lives of the Apostles Paul and Peter

    Lives of the Apostles Paul and Peter

    In these two programs, Rick Steves takes us on location to explore the lives of two great apostles. The Life of Apostle Paul Travel with public television host Rick Steves to modern-day Turkey and Greece where he recalls what happened to Paul in places such as Ephesus, Philippi, Athens and ...

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  • Journey


    A story of one man's journey from tragedy to hope.This is a real-life testimony of Israel Hanna's journey of faith. God rescued Hanna from the grip of suicidal despair and revealed Himself through mercy and provision. Hanna's relationship with the Lord grew to a depth that ...

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  • Finding Hope In Recovery

    Finding Hope In Recovery

    Finding Hope in Recovery, as aired on ABC network, gives insight into the difficult experience of families dealing with addiction. Travel with these families through the stages of recovery - and setback. Learn how recovery, reconciliation and healing can happen. These authentic stories challenge the church to take a new look ...

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  • Embracing Aging

    Embracing Aging

    Change and getting older is inevitable. So how can we make it the best it can be? Families, experts and "wise ones" share insights on aging, housing choices, facing illness, and cooperating as siblings in the care of aging parents. Residents of a cohousing community for those over 55 offer ...

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  • Integrative Medicine

    Integrative Medicine

    Part 1: What is Integrative Medicine? (30 mins) Part 2: Relaxation Meditation (11 mins) Part 3: Dr. Monica's Biography (10 mins) Integrative Medicine combines conventional (allopathic) medicine with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). It cares for the whole person - mind, body, spirit and emotion-making use of appropriate therapeutic approaches ...

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  • More Than Dreams

    More Than Dreams

    For decades, a phenomenon has been recurring in the Muslim world. Men and women, without any knowledge of the Gospel and without any contact with Christians, have been forever transformed after experiencing dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Here are five stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as ...

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  • Charles Wesley- A Heart Set Free

    Charles Wesley- A Heart Set Free

    Charles Wesley broke many barriers of 1700’s England not only to become "the most gifted and indefatigable poet and hymnwriter that England has ever known," but also to give music, heart and soul to the Methodist movement that he and his brother John led. The story of Charles Wesley is ...

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  • Reasonable Doubt

    Reasonable Doubt

    As scientific knowledge grows exponentially, Darwin's theory of evolution becomes more debatable and hotly contested by researchers on both sides of the growing scientific controversy. Reasonable Doubt presents a logical rendition of some of the fundamental problems evolution theory faces in the light of modern scientific knowledge with easy-to-understand ...

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  • John Bunyan the Journey of a Pilgrim

    John Bunyan the Journey of a Pilgrim

    A look at the man who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress , the most circulated book of all time, next to the Bible. This documentary, filmed at the John Bunyan Museum in Bedford, England, presents a fascinating look at the life of John Bunyan, chronicled by Bunyan expert John Pestell, author ...

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  • Turning The Tide

    Turning The Tide

    In 2005, efforts to change the laws to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide were before the legislative bodies in Canada and California. In both cases the legislation did not pass. However, the efforts to legalize assisted suicide have not abated and will continue. How do you frame the rules for ...

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  • Steve Saint-the Jungle Missionary

    Steve Saint-the Jungle Missionary

    Steve Saint was not quite five years old when his father, Nate Saint, and four other men were speared to death in 1956 by members of the Aucas, now known as the Waodani. The five missionaries and their families had gone to live in the jungles of Ecuador in hopes ...

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  • Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction

    Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction

    This fascinating documentary presents the details of Eric's life, who was perhaps best known as an athlete in the 1924 Olympics, as depicted in the Academy Award-winning film, "Chariots of Fire." His story is told by David McCasland, author of Eric Liddell: Pure Gold, Eric's daughter Patricia, and ...

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  • Beyond Torture

    Beyond Torture

    When you said, 'I still believe in God,' in five minutes you were full of blood. - Roman Braga Many of us died, many of us became mad, but in some of us the good triumphed. - George Calciu These chilling words from two survivors of a brainwashing prison in Pitesti, Romania ...

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  • Reckoning, The

    Reckoning, The

    Remembering the Dutch Resistance... is the international award-winning documentary that captures the compelling story and eyewitness account of six survivors in war-torn Netherlands during World War II. With the revelation of Hitler's "Final Solution" and the uncertainty of liberation, it reveals the intensely human aspect of the Dutch struggle ...

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  • Truth Prevails-The Undying Faith of Jan Hus

    Truth Prevails-The Undying Faith of Jan Hus

    Almost 600 years ago, a humble peasant stood alone against pope, emperor and king. He could either deny the truth he believed with all his heart, or he could die at the stake. Today Jan Hus is little known outside of his native Czech Republic, but in his day he ...

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  • Affectionately Yours, Screwtape

    Affectionately Yours, Screwtape

    - Did God give each person free will? - Who is Satan? - Can good truly overcome evil? Consider these questions and more as we journey inside the mind of C.S. Lewis in this introductory review of one of the great Christian literary works of the 20th century. The Screwtape Letters , a ...

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  • Robber of the Cruel Streets

    Robber of the Cruel Streets

    George Muller (1805-1898) rescued, cared for, feed, and educated orphened children by the thousands (over 120,000). The costs were enormous for such a great work (in today's money, over one hundred million pounds). Yet, amazingly, he never asked anyone for money. Instead he prayed, and his children never missed ...

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  • Stepping-Stone Miracles

    Stepping-Stone Miracles

    When doctors could offer no hope for his dying brother and a baby girl seemed certain to die, Des Morton defied all odds and chose to believe that God would answer his prayers. In this DVD, Des describes how God used miraculous happenings as stepping-stones on his spiritual journey. Through ...

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