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  • Carry Me Home

    Carry Me Home

    Carry Me Home is a short film following the true story of Maria Ennals (Lindsey Grimble) and her family in the Antebellum South in the cold winter of 1860. Maria is a young mother trapped in slavery who seizes the opportunity to escape with her family when she encounters HARRIET ...

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  • When The Saints

    When The Saints

    When the Saints documents one young man’s mission to end sexual exploitation in the African nation of Malawi, a journey that begins in his own heart. The program not only calls us to care about justice for girls trafficked in rural Africa, but also to examine the ways that lust ...

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  • Come Alive

    Come Alive

    What would our world look like if more churches followed the example Jesus gave us to serve the poor and needy? First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Florida, sought to answer that question over 30 years ago and laid the foundation for what is now the Christian Care Center.

    Because of ...

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  • Calvin, Zwingli and Brother Klaus

    Calvin, Zwingli and Brother Klaus

    John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and Brother Klaus (Niklaus von Flüe) were three very different men who shaped the Christian faith in Switzerland. John Calvin was as an intellectual giant of the Reformation, Ulrich Zwingli was a humble priest who brought reform to the church and died in battle, and Brother ...

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  • Future of the Church

    Future of the Church

    Future of the Church chronicles a three-year journey of 80 interviews with pastors and church influencers from across America. In their journey to find the formula for a fragmented and dying church, the two filmmakers find themselves getting closer to a much bigger answer.

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  • A World Without Orphans

    A World Without Orphans

    In many places around the world orphanages are still the primary means used to care for orphaned and abandoned children. Churches and charities in the United States often support orphanages in developing countries. Now there is a growing movement to replace institutionalization with foster care and permanent placement in families ...

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  • Informed: Life is Worth Living

    Informed: Life is Worth Living

    Being informed could save your life.
    This documentary examines euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide and highlights the testimonies of those who have been most intimately impacted. In order to make informed decisions about critical medical issues, citizens need the unvarnished truth about these vitally important topics. This program features an impressive ...

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  • Many Beautiful Things

    Many Beautiful Things

    The Life and Vision of Lilias Trotter
    Many Beautiful Things tells the story of Lilias Trotter, a 19th century British painter who sacrificed artistic fame in order to serve God as a missionary in Algeria. Trotter's extraordinary gift was noticed by famous art critic, John Ruskin who believed Trotter ...

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  • Magna Carta Unlocked

    Magna Carta Unlocked

    The Magna Carta is widely regarded as a foundational text of the British legal system and of the U.S. Constitution. As an essential guarantor of basic freedoms Magna Carta has inspired imitators across ages and across continents. To what extent is it right to see the Great Charter as ...

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  • 500 Years of the Reformation

    500 Years of the Reformation

    Companion DVD to This Changed Everything. Three hours of intnerviews with over twenty experts featured, including Dr. Frank James, Dr. John Armstrong, Dr. Michael Horton, Dr. Jacqueline Rose, Bishop Robert Barron, Mark Galli, Shane Claiborne, and many others.

    Anabaptists | A New Reformation | Baptism | Church and State | Catholic Doctrine | Ecumenism ...

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  • This Changed Everything

    This Changed Everything

    Narrated by David Suchet
    2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. On October 31, 1517, an obscure German monk named Martin Luther published 95 theses for debate in Wittenberg, Germany. Little did he know that this act would ignite a revolution that would reshape the ...

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  • Boundless Salvation

    Boundless Salvation

    This four-part documentary explores the history of The Salvation Army. Host John Cleary traces the path of this powerful movement from its origins to the present day. Learn how The Salvation Army became a force for both gospel evangelism and social change. Meet the movement's founders, William and Catherine ...

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  • World War I: Military Chaplains

    World War I: Military Chaplains

    Military chaplains, men of faith serving in World War I, found themselves facing the gruesome reality of modern warfare. Serving side by side with soldiers in the trenches, chaplains became essential to the spiritual and psychological needs of those under their care.

    This four-part series takes you inside the lives ...

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  • Heroes


    The residents of the Plateau du Vivarais, a remote region in the French countryside, stood up against the occupying Nazis and their French collaborators by giving sanctuary to those fleeing persecution during World War II. These French citizens refused to see oppressed individuals as anything other than human beings. Through ...

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  • Knox


    Renegade. Reformer. Revolutionary. Five centuries after his birth, the influence of John Knox can still be felt across his native Scotland and throughout the world. Presented by Scottish actor Phillip Todd, “Knox” takes another look at the life and legacy of one of the church’s great reformers. Follow in the ...

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  • Quakers


    Led by what they refer to as their “inner light,” members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) played pivotal roles in some of the most transformative events of the last four centuries. Whether it be forging relations with Native Americans, the abolition of slavery, reconstruction, World War II, or ...

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  • Passion for Justice

    Passion for Justice

    Passion for Justice tells the compelling story of Dr. John Perkins, an integral leader in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s and an evangelical voice for community development and racial reconciliation.

    As a pastor in 1960's Mississippi, John Perkins first focused exclusively on evangelism and Bible literacy, but ...

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  • Cody High

    Cody High

    Cody High: A Life Remodeled Project focuses on the efforts of Detroit’s impoverished Cody Rouge community to remove blight and create a safe environment for students at the local schools, including the hundreds of students who attend Cody High School.

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  • The Stranger

    The Stranger

    Who are the newest immigrants to the United States - the strangers among us? And how are they treated? How should we deal with those who enter our country illegally? Are our current immigration laws just and moral?

    The Stranger, a documentary commissioned by the Evangelical Immigration Table, introduces three recent ...

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  • Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

    Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

    Saint Nicholas: The Real Story takes you on a thrilling quest for truth. You will visit beautiful Mediterranean locations and explore stunning archeological excavations. You’ll hear from experts about new historical and scientific analysis and even hear intriguing stories about stolen bones. Through it all you’ll discover the true story ...

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  • Find Me

    Find Me

    Thousands of Chinese children now find themselves in the homes of families across America. With great love and personal sacrifice, people adopt these precious little ones, bringing them home to love them and raise them as their own. But few know the veiled back story. This moving, personal documentary tells ...

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  • Going on Vocation

    Going on Vocation

    Let's face it, ever since Adam's fall work has been no vacation. Do you spend most of your time at a job that seems to have no purpose or meaning? Do you work just so you can pay the bills? Do you feel tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled ...

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  • I Believe in Easter

    I Believe in Easter

    Easter - It is a word with origins in pagan tradition and yet it has come to embody the oldest and most important festival in Christianity. Discover the origins of Easter in this thoroughly researched and emotionally charged docu-drama. Trace the history of Easter to ancient Egypt where the story finds ...

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  • David Brainerd

    David Brainerd

    Filmed at historical locations throughout the northeastern U.S., David Brainerd: Missionary to the American Indians tells the story of the visionary eighteenth-century missionary whose efforts led to spiritual revival amongst native tribes and inspired generations of Christian leaders to follow in his footsteps. Among the most notable figures influenced ...

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  • John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked The Methodist Movement

    John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked The Methodist Movement

    Few people have influenced the course of the church like John Wesley. Like his reforming predecessor, Martin Luther, Wesley's early life was marked by a moralism driven by fear of God's judgement. And it was Luther's writing that helped Wesley to understand the scriptural message of grace ...

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  • Andrew Murray: Africa for Christ

    Andrew Murray: Africa for Christ

    Discover the life of Andrew Murray (1828-1917), a South African minister, writer and revivalist. For more than six decades he served with the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, preaching, teaching and writing more than 200 books and pamphlets. Murray became an international figure through his writing, and today many ...

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  • Every Day Counts: The Chris Lass Story

    Every Day Counts: The Chris Lass Story

    On stage, Chris Lass is full of life and dynamic energy. An up and coming international Christian recording artist and worship leader, Chris captivates his audiences with infectious joy. But few know the intense adversity he has faced off stage, including a life-altering illness, the suicide of his oldest brother ...

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  • Who Are The Chinese?

    Who Are The Chinese?

    Making up about 20% of the world's population, the Chinese are a great people who can boast a history going back more than 5,000 years. However, many have only a very vague idea of the history, culture and traditions of China. Who Are The Chinese? is a film ...

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  • The Frank Jenner Question

    The Frank Jenner Question

    Meet Frank Jenner, a simple man with a profound question. It was 1941 at the height of WWII when Frank heard God call him to approach 10 people per day on the streets of Sydney Australia and politely ask one simple question: “If you died within 24 hours where would ...

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  • Breaking Down Barriers

    Breaking Down Barriers

    The Apostle Paul’s amazing story is surpassed only by the legacy of Christian faith he left behind. Breaking Down Barriers traces Paul’s missionary journeys across Asia Minor, Greece and Italy. Join Hosts, Seth Conley and Yolo Lopez-Perez as they journey to the actual locations where Paul taught. You will discover ...

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  • Sidewalk Singer

    Sidewalk Singer

    From the writer of two nationally published novels, A Choice to Cherish and Written on Her Heart, comes an inspirational, church-produced drama about Kris Kivi, an everyday man who has lost his family to a tragic accident and his job to the recession. Forced to play his guitar on the ...

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  • Heaven In Sight

    Heaven In Sight

    Peter Jackson is an accomplished British pianist who has been blind since the age of two. In this live performance recorded before an audience in Fraserburgh, Scotland, Peter plays favorite hymns as well as classical and jazz pieces. He also shares his amazing story of faith and perseverance, revealing how ...

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  • John Wesley - The Man and His Mission

    John Wesley - The Man and His Mission

    Journey throughout England and follow the story of one of the most influential people who ever lived.
    From a childhood upbringing in the small town of Epworth in the north of England to a scholarly education at Oxford University, and from humble beginnings in Bristol to an influential base in ...

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  • Jock Troup & the Fisherman's Revival

    Jock Troup & the Fisherman's Revival

    This documentary tells the story of cooper (barrel maker) Jock Troup, whose passion for evangelism would greatly contribute to the 1921 Fishermen’s Revival which swept through the fishing ports of England and Scotland.
    Known as the “Revival Man,” Jock Troup was a working-class Scott who experienced a dramatic conversion ...

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  • Augustine - A Voice For All Generations

    Augustine - A Voice For All Generations

    Augustine of Hippo (354-430) is one of the greatest theologians of the Christian Church. His works, including The City of God, On the Trinity, and Confessions, have had an inestimable impact on the Church and, by extension, on Western Civilization at large. Yet, where did such faith begin? After rejecting ...

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  • Bringing Joshua Home

    Bringing Joshua Home

    In late December, 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning all American adoptions of Russian children. Americans have adopted hundreds of children from Russia each year, providing hope and love to those languishing in Russia's overstressed orphanage system. Protests against this new law have erupted in both ...

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  • Our Fascinating Universe

    Our Fascinating Universe

    Take off into outer space, a journey into unknown worlds of vast dimensions and fascinating beauty, a journey in search of answers. How did the universe come into being? What role do human beings play in it? Are we alone in the universe? Gazing into the infinity of the sky ...

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  • African Christianity Rising

    African Christianity Rising

    At one time it was popular to refer to the “Christian West” and “Heathen Africa.” But while secularism takes hold in Europe and North America, the Church in Africa is growing by leaps and bounds. What does Christianity’s explosive growth in Africa mean for the church and for the ...

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  • Weaving Life

    Weaving Life

    Dan Terry and his family spent 40 years devoted to the people, the culture, and the landscapes of Afghanistan. Tragically, in August 2010, Dan was among 10 humanitarian aid workers assassinated in Afghanistan.
    Weaving Life tells how Dan wove relationships, joy, partnership, and understanding into his work in Afghanistan. Dan ...

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  • Journey of the Heart

    Journey of the Heart

    Windborne Productions is pleased to present this one-hour documentary on one of the most significant spiritual leaders of our generation, Henri Nouwen. A Roman Catholic priest, University of Notre Dame, Yale and Harvard professor, author and social activist, Nouwen possessed a unique insight into the human condition. Through his many ...

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